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Posted by giggles on October 03, 19100 at 22:30:53:

In Reply to: Re: TO ALL WHO HATE BRITNEY-IMPORTANT posted by sydney on October 03, 19100 at 13:10:57:

Where is this girl gonna be when her looks start to fade? And they will because everyone's does at some point.

I mostly blame Britney's parent's for the way she became. She wasn't born that way. Someone had to mold her into it and that was her parents more than anyone else because they had the final say over what she did while underage, at least professionally.

I think they stopped seeing the girl and were blinded by the dollar signs a long time ago.

The pity is, at one time, she actually could sing. No, she wasn't the greatest around but she did have some talents which could've been developed and molded into something legitimate. But, they decided to not put in that kind of hard work and instead went for the easy (or at least easier) buck. 'Course, they've also sold out nearly every chance she had at a long-term career in the process.

The backlash she is experiencing now is only the beginning, I fear.

On the song writing front, I don't fault her for her lack of talents in that area. Songwriting is a very difficult craft. Very few come by it naturally. Most need to work long and hard at it.

While I'll agree that the musicians who write the tunes have a more difficult task than the lyricists as a general rule, it's safe to say that there are also some brilliant lyricists out there who can turn a phrase in a thought-provoking and original way. So I wouldn't discount them. Examples: Babyface, George Michael, Robi Draco Rosa, Ricardo Montaner, Kim Stockwood, Don Henley. Even the Hanson brothers can write fun little pop songs half the time and still come up with stuff that is meaningful the other half.

That is something she could learn. She should start trying to learn more about it or arranging or production so that when her singing career is over she has a skill she can use to get another job. And she won't have to depend on her looks. She is surrounded by all sorts of producers, musicians, composers, etc. all the time so teachers are always available to her if she wants to pay attention and learn.

As a friend of mine said (though about someone else), "with the reality (s)he's lived so far, is it really any wonder (s)he's so f**cked up?"

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