Ok, good. We have your answers to the questions in PART ONE. Now it's time to find out a little bit about him. Again, answer each question unless you are happy with the default answers. Hurry up, the right one is waiting, you know!


Question 1: Ok, let's play a little numbers game. Which number do you like best?


Question 2: Here's a hard choice (perhaps). Which would you rather do?


Question 3: Now let's get down to the quality that you consider best in a guy:


Question 4: Now let's look at a personality match. Which of the following best describes your personality?


Question 5: Ok, by now we've pretty much figured it out, but just one or two more questions. On that crucial first date (you thought there'd be only one?!), what do you wear?


Question 6: Slighty off-subject, but, what the heck: how do you sleep?


Question 7: And ok, now we're not saying this means diddly, but, who is your choice, anyway?


Question 8: Bonus question: Pick one:



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Yes, this is it. This is the moment before the moment where you find out who your perfect "N SYNC match is.
Is it Justin? JC? Joey? Lance? Chris?

But, before you proceed, be certain that you are happy with the answers you are about to give us. Once you click on the boys below, the answers to the questions in PART TWO will be registered with our game engine. You cannot return to this page (again, you can, but the game will not recognise any changes you make). WE'll combine your answers with those you gave us in PART ONE, to find your perfect
'N SYNC Connection!


Now go ahead, we're dying to find out who he is!


click to register your answers