the YMS Boyband game II

the YMS Boyband game II


Level 1: Qualifying Questions

Welcome to Level 1! This is the qualifying level. Here's where we make sure you have what it takes to proceed to the more difficult and challenging levels. Answer the following questions to the best of your ability. You must answer 8 out of 10 correctly to proceed to the next level. You only have one shot at each question. If you do not answer at least 8 questions correctly, you cannot proceed to Level 2. We would then suggest that you return to the YMS homepage Boybands section to do some research. Good Luck!
The rules: you must answer 8 out of 10 questions correctly. JavaScript required!

1. What is the one nickname the gentleman pictured on the left hates to be called?


2. The other guy in the picture at left is dating popstar Jessica Simpson. What state was he born in?




3. Ok, here's a good one: see the picture at left? Name the two guys in it.

Rich Cronin and Brad Fischetti
Mark Barry and Christian Burns
Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell
Clint and Dave Moffatt
Scott Robinson and Richard Neville

4. Ok, the two guys at left are members of the same boyband. Name that band's debut US album.

Chapter I: A New Beginning
Middle of Nowhere
Backstreet Boys
Sooner or Later


5. Here's a group that was formed for a MTV film and now an MTV series. They've been seen outside the box on the road with what famous pop singer?

Britney Spears
Christina Aguilera
Jessica Simpson
Mandy Moore
Aaron Carter

6. The guy who plays Chad in the film and series was born in California. What town was he born in?

San Diego
San Jose
Simi Valley
Santa Barbara

7. Ok all you Justin Timberlake fans, the next two are gonna be give aways for you. The boys of 'N SYNC are currently involved in a promotional campaign with what fast food chain?

Burger King
Pizza Hut
Kentucky Fried Chicken

8. Another product placement question: name Justin's favorite soft drink.

Doctor Pepper
none of the above

9. Hanson fans: it's your turn for the give aways: the brothers are currently on a US tour. Name the city they play October 17th.

Memphis, TN
Cleveland, OH
Seattle, WA
Sydney, Australia
Bogata, Columbia

10. Ok, now a slightly more difficult one: what kind of laptop computer does Taylor own?

Apple Mac


If you've answered at least 8 of the questions correctly, you're ready to proceed to Level 2. Click on the button at left to move on. If for some reason you didn't answer at least 8 of the questions correctly, go here and do some research. Then when you're ready, come on back and try this again!

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