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Here you'll find links all the cool games on YMS homepage. Test your knowledge in our quizes; or find your match in our Matchgames. If you want to see what's new, check out our up to the minute Update Page.


the games of YMS homepage



Match Game 2000

Now with over 100 possible matches!

From the makers of MatchGame '98!
New Questions! New Game Engine! New Possible Matches!
Find your perfect YMS Match for 2000!


Mansion Tour
Find your guide here.


All new questions! A new cool gallery prize!
Come test your knowledge. Come on, we dare you!


The YMS BSB Quiz

All new questions! A giant BSB gallery prize!
Come test your knowledge. Come on, we dare you!


 The YMS BSB Connection
MatchGame Millennium

All new game!
Find out who your perfect BSB Connection is!


the YMS
Team Timberlake
'N SYNC Quiz

How well do you know the boys of 'N SYNC?
Now with all new Questions!


the YMS
'N SYNC Connection

Who is your perfect 'N SYNC match?


the YMS Survey

Each month we feature our latest reader survey, where we ask you what you think about those Young Male Stars. Click on here to go take this month's survey!


last month's Survey

Each month we post the final results of last month's survey. Click on here to see how you voted!


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