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    Site Questions  

I can't seem to get the MatchGame to work, I can't get my match. Help!

AOL users have experienced some difficulties in playing the game. There are three things AOL users can do to work around the problem. First, make sure your browser is "Javascript" enabled. Second, clear your disk cache prior to playing the game, EACH TIME you play it. And third, after playing the game, before revealing your match, you should see a button that says "Click to reveal your match". If you do not see this button, Javascript is not enabled or it is not operating properly on your browser.

The Quiz isn't working, it won't give me the prize.

You must answer 7 or more of the questions correctly. The game engine keeps track of your score for you. You can start the game again, and try to improve your score. Good luck!

How come the survey doesn't let me vote? It says I already voted but I haven't. Really!

The survey is automated with built in safeguards against anyone stuffing the ballot box. This is accomplished by two automatic checks: a cookie and an IP check. We have encountered some problems with the IP check, mostly noticed by people with AOL accounts. Because of the way AOL is set up, our program may see many AOL users as the same user and block you from voting. We think we've fixed this problem, but if you experience it again, please and let us know when and how it happened.

You don't have an address / email address / phone number for my favorite star. Can you forward this to him, or give me his email so I can write him?

No. We cannot forward mail to any of the stars. If we do not have an address or contact info for a particular star, it is because we do not have it, not because we don't want you to have it. We would love to be able to put each and every one of you in touch with any of these guys you wanted to, but we can only do so much. You know?!

Can you send me more pictures of _________________?

No. We cannot send pics. You are free to download anything off of our site. Copyrights are noted where known. Remember, you use these images at your own risk. YMS homepage does not own the copyright for any image on its site; and uses images with and without permission of the copyright holders. For a more detailed explanation of our position on copyrights, see our What is YMS page.

Can I use the picture of _____________ on my site?

YMS/YFS homepage does not own the copyright to most of the pictures used on its sites, unless specifically noted. For pictures without copyright information listed, you may use them at your own risk. YMS/YFS homepage does not subscribe to the mistaken belief of may websites that just because we scanned them, we own them. Images are the property of the copyright holder, in most cases, the photographer who took the picture. We do not own any of the images, unless specifically marked. For those images so marked, we would require that you ask before using. For all others, again, use at your own risk of possible copyright infringement. For a more detailed explanation of our position on copyrights, see our What is YMS page.

I wrote you four times about this, why won't you answer me!?

We do answer all mail. But we need a valid email address from you to do so. A lot of mail gets bounced back to us, because you did not provide us with a working email address. This is mostly true for AOL users, whose parents have installed mail blocking filters. If your parents do not want you to receive mail then we must honor that request. You should check with your parents to gain permission to correspond with us.

I run a site on ___________, can you link to my site?

We would love to link to your site! Send all requests for links to our . He will check your site, to make sure it's not like porno or something, and get back to you when we add the link.


We see you now have advertising. How can we advertise on your site?

Click here for advertising information

YMS homepage is represented by Flycast, a web-based advertising agency. Click the link button above to read the YMS homepage media kit and contact Flycast to purchase ad space on YMS.


    General Questions  

Who is behind YMS homepage?

YMS homepage is run by the YMS homepage team, an ever changing group of dedicated diehards who believe in this website and in its mission.

Are you YM magazine or like, their website?

We are not YM magazine, or Rolling Stone magazine, or NBC news. We are YMS homepage. We are no one else's website but our own. (Well, it's yours too, but you know what we mean.)

Ok, so how did this YMS homepage begin? And why?

This is a good question. Here is a good answer: YMS homepage was started on July 18, 1996 with 40 stars. That first year saw us grow by adding more guys and starting a few of the features you see today, like the Featured Movie and Video, and our ever popular Survey. In the beginning of 1998 we moved to some new digs. We took up residence in our own offices. The site itself moved to Simplenet, a host in San Diego, CA. It was at Simplenet that we saw our most explosive growth, both in size and popularity. We added many new stars, some new staff, and many new features, like our Star of the Month gallery, an expansion of our Interviews, and two of our most popular features, Quiz-o-rama and MatchGame '98/'99. And, beginning October 1, 1999, we introduced YFS homepage. The sites had over 400 star pages as of November 1, 1999, with more being added all the time. In late December, 1999, YMS homepage and its sister site, YFS homepage made another move, this time to a dedicated server, hosted by Dialtone Internet of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. By placing the sites on our own dedicated server, we feel we can accomodate future growth and make your YMS/YFS experience both faster and better. It just keeps getting better, eh?

Ok, really, where does the money from the ads go?

We donate a portion of excess revenue, after deducting expenses, to charities and teen related organizations. Our first check went to the Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

How can I help?

Information on how you can help at YMS homepage is available on our What is YMS page and through joining the Friends List.

YMS homepage: Interns

Past Interns:

Angela (1997-1998)
Nicky (1998)
Melanie (1998-1999)
Amber (1999)
Lital Shirazy (1999)
Christopher Dellea (2000)
Nily Bengel (2000)
Lisa Benecke (2000)
Ruth Hong (2000)
Maureen Smith (2000)
Alicia McCullough (2000)
Jodie Darlington (current)

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