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Exclusively from the
first-ever, one and only
*Official* Jensen Ackles Newsletter Online
by The Ackles Headquarters
Beth and Alla

Here is the transcript of the Ackels Headquarter's exclusive interview with Jensen that was recently published by the newsletter. It's reprinted here with permission from the The Ackels Headquarters.

Copyright © 2000 by The Ackles Headquarters, all rights reserved.

Being that recently it was our 100th issue, we (the editors of the Jensen Ackles newsletter) thought we'd do something special. Those who are long-time subscribers, know we always do something special on these kinds of occasions ;) Anyways, being the reallyyy nice person that he is, Jensen agreed to do a little interview with us (Thanks Jensen!!)... so without further ado, please enjoy the first-ever, one and only, *Exclusive* interview between Jensen and the Ackles Headquarters, Beth and Alla... ;)

The Ackles HQ: What puts you in a good mood? Bad mood?

Jensen: Good mood: Music ~ Bad mood: People with attitude

The Ackles HQ: What is your favorite scent?

Jensen: Smell of a campfire

The Ackles HQ: What is your greatest fear?

Jensen: Haven't found one yet

The Ackles HQ: Were you a good student in school?

Jensen: Hey, I did my best

The Ackles HQ: How would you describe yourself in one word?

Jensen: Me

The Ackles HQ: In one word, how would you describe your life right now?

Jensen: Surreal

The Ackles HQ: What is one word that your best friend would use to describe you?

Jensen: You'll have to ask her

The Ackles HQ: What do you like to spend money on?

Jensen: Other people

The Ackles HQ: Who is your favorite cartoon character?

Jensen: Wylie Coyote

The Ackles HQ: What is your favorite cologne?

Jensen: Pi [by Givenchy]

The Ackles HQ: What item of clothing do you feel most comfortable in?

Jensen: Pajamas

The Ackles HQ: What's the dumbest thing you've ever done that you laugh about now?

Jensen: Too many to chose from

The Ackles HQ: Who would you like to work with on DAYS, but don't often get to work with now?

Jensen: My mom, [Marlena], dad, [Roman], and twin sister, [Sami]

The Ackles HQ: What would you title your autobiography?

Jensen: "How Did This Happen?"

The Ackles HQ: And finally..... Can you please say a few words for the subscribers of this newsletter ... specifically for them.

Jensen: Thank you for letting me be a part of your life, for supporting me,

visit their website, the JA Newsletter Website!

team members Beth and Alla
and their LA Jensen Experience

OK, we bet most of you are wondering how our trip was, huh?

Well, to sum it up in just one word (if that's even possible), we'd say... AWESOME. We won't go into such great detail because we'd probably be here forever writing this, so we'll just pinpoint the "juicy" and most interesting parts.

Naturally, we were at Universal Studios, Citywalk, Hollywood, clubs, Tony Romas, CPK (California Pizza Kitchen), and all that other fun stuff. We'll skip all that and share some "Jensen Scoop." :o)

Now, before we mention the DAYS vs. SUNSET BEACH softball game that was held on July 31st, we gotta mention something first.

On Tuesday, July 27th, we got to "hang out" with Jensen at NBC studios. Jensen gave us a private tour of the set, showed us inside the dressing rooms, and introduced us to the cast members who were working that day. OK, you all are probably wondering how this came about, huh? Well, as you all already know, we have little "inside tracks"... :o)

We'll just leave it at that...

On July 27th, we got to NBC studios at noon time. We had to get special passes at the administration desk and then we walked around to where the DAYS set was located. Once we got there, the DAYS security guard (Michelle) called Jensen's dressing room to let him know that we were there. About 3 minutes later, Jensen appeared in the doorway. Once we saw Jensen, he said, "Hey girls, how ya doin'?" and then he gave us the tightest hugs. He looked SO good, by the way... wearing light blue jeans, a gray t-shirt, a cap, and open-toed sandals. :o) Then, he started showing us around the sets, taking us to Salem Place first.

After seeing Salem Place, Jensen showed us the control room which he said they call "the booth." Before we got to "the booth," Jensen told us that we had to be really quiet while there. Jensen said that the producer and the director sit there and watch the scenes as they are being taped. To us, that room looked like nothing more than a medium sized room with a million little lights and hundreds of buttons. After seeing the control room, we ran into Austin and chatted with him for about 15 minutes. After seeing Austin, Jensen went on to show us the hair and make-up room, where Julianne Morris (Greta) was getting her hair done at the moment. She waved to us and said hello. Jensen then went on to show us some of the dressing rooms. We peeked inside some of the dressing rooms, including Jensen's. While in his dressing room, Beth noticed a whole bunch of 8x10 black and white photos of Jensen on his couch. That photo was the one that Beth didn't yet have (Alla already had it) so she said "Oh, that's a nice pic... it also happens to be the only 8x10 I don't have of you, but that's ok"... Jensen got that hint and handed Beth one of the pictures and said, "well, here ya go then!" :)

After looking at the dressing rooms, Jensen showed us the way to one of the sets. On our way there, we ran into some of the actors and actresses. Jensen introduced us to his co-stars and when Julianne Morris (Greta) saw us, she came over and gave us a kiss hello. We were also introduced to Matthew Mahaney (Kurt), Matt Cedeno (Brandon), Patrika Darbo (Nancy Wesley), Kevin Spirtas (Craig Wesley). At that moment we also saw Joe Mascolo (Stefano) but he seemed to be in a hurry.

We then went on to look at the sets. The sets are so small compared to how they look like on TV. We guess it's the magic of the "jimmy jim." (inside joke). It felt sooo cool to be standing in the middle of the Kiriakis mansion living room, right by the couch where Franco was shot and killed.

After looking at some more sets, we went out into the hallway and just chatted with Jensen for another 20 minutes or so. When we told Jensen that we weren't sending out the newsletter for 2 weeks, he jokingly said, "...slackin' off, slackin' off..." hehe! :o)

After being there for over an hour, we realized that we had to let Jensen go start studying up on his script. Jensen asked us if we wanted him to walk us out and we said "yes." He walked us to where the DAYS security is and let us use the phone to call our friends to pick us up. When we walked out there, we ran into Arianne Zuker (Nicole) and said hello to her. While in that hallway, we wound up talking for another 20 minutes. While standing there, we also saw Kristian Alfonso (Hope) and Peter Reckell (Bo) who had just arrived to work...together. Alla asked Jensen who his fave musician at the moment was. When Jensen couldn't come up with anything, Alla rephrased her question and asked him what CD was in his CD player at the moment. We were both very surprised to find out that the CD that Jensen is listening to at the moment is the new Lyle Lovett CD.

We then asked Jensen to say something for our newsletter subscribers that we can quote him on and have it exclusively in this newsletter. He couldn't come up with anything off the top of his head, and we went on to some more questions. By the time we left that day, we completely forgot to ask him for a quote. Before we said bye to Jensen that day, we got more hugs of course, and we told Jensen that we'll see him at the softball game that coming Saturday. We spent almost 2 hours with Jensen that day. It was great. He truly is the best. It was so sweet of him to take some time out to show us around and spend time with us for a while. What he did for us is soooo appreciated and will be remembered forever.

OK, onto the game... it was SO much fun!!

Besides actors/actresses from DAYS and SB being there, the actors from PASSIONS were there, was only the male actors though......but we didn't mind. :o) They are such nice guys! We had a brief encounter with them a week before at a volleyball game we had attended. In case you're wondering who won the softball game... DAYS won... thanks to that last homer by Jensen, who hit the ball out of the park. Let us just say... the boy can play ball!! He was the only one that day to hit that ball out of the park. We were soooo impressed, and so was everyone else there. Then again, he has always been great in any sport he played.

When he hit that ball out of the park... he ran to 1st base, 2nd, 3rd...and right before homebase, guess what he does? a Cartwheel! :o)It was the cutest thing! We even have a picture of it ... although, it's not too clear, but good enough.

Throughout the whole game, we were "mingling" with the stars. We all made posters as well. When we say "all," we mean our friends who we went with... Niki (BryanDFan), Sharisa (DaysGirly), Janine (Babigrl22), Danielle (DanieSoCal), and Jaclyn (VctorsBabe). It was so much fun. We took lots and lots and lots of pictures, too. Also, we can't forget to mention that we were surprised to meet some of our subscribers at the game. Some girls just recognized us and came over to say hello. A little later, we introduced them to Jensen.

After the game was over, everyone naturally came over to Jensen and congratulated him for that hit he had just made. Then, when they took a picture for the soap magazines, Victor Webster (Nicholas) and Kevin Spirtas (Craig Wesley) picked him up on their shoulders. That pic should've turned out so cute. The magazines with the pictures from the game should be out possibly by next week, maybe sooner... keep checking.

After that, we both came up to Jensen and gave him the little gifts (along with cards, of course) we had gotten him to thank him for what he did for us on Tuesday. He was genuinely touched. He even wanted to open it right then and there, but we said to wait and open it once he got home. Then, we took one last picture with him... the 3 of us. Then, he hugged us and wished us a safe trip back home. Seeing Jensen definitely made our trip more special. He is definitely one of a kind, and we can't wait to see him again.

Also, we got to see and talk to Lisa (Jensen's g/f) right before the game. She sat in the stands with 2 guys. When we came over to say hello, she introduced us to the 2 guys sitting beside her. She said that they were friends of Jensen's from back home in Texas. All we remember is that one of them was named Jordan, but they were both nice. Lisa couldn't stay for the entire game, and she left (to go to work) after the first inning.

team member Chiristine meets Jensen
Lucky Christine has not one, but 3 meetings with Jensen...

April 18th 1999- Garwood NJ

As a gift to Jensen and Josh my friend Jen and I performed a song from her album called "Fly Away" Both Jensen and Josh were extremely touched and sat right up close the whole time we were singing..they stared right into our eyes. Jensen was especailly moved and even requested to take my copy of the cd home with him. He told us "you guys are you don't understand..I mean you were really good!" He told us he gets stuff like that sometimes..but nothing as good as that. We felt so special, but make no mistake about it, we worked really hard rehearsing it for him! At the table he referred to us as the singers, and Jensen also remembered that he danced with me last year :-)

May 1999- NYC

Its the day before the emmy's, and this one's a quicky...I met with Beth, Jensen and his mom. dad and sister and his girlfriend Lisa. I was outside Planet Hollywood when I approached Mr. Ackles and explained that I was Christine and Beth was trying to find parking. Jensen turned around and saw me talking with his parents...they were about to introduce us when Jensen says "hey, I know you!..." Jensen then proceeded to give me a hug and kiss hello. We chatted off to the side for a while and he asked about getting a copy of the full cd. He only had the promo copy I gave him which he listens to in his new sports utility! I had my picture taken with him and waited for Beth to arrive...eventually Jensen had to leave, but luckily Beth arrived just in time. I told her she walked right by we caught up with them and had pictures taken with the whole family. IT was great and all the Ackles are sweeties!

June 12, 1999 Greensville SC

I had the best time this weekend at the DAYS Celebrity event in SC I flew in from NY and stayed at the Hyatt Regency (which was absolutely gorgeous) where the stars were staying as well. What started off as a bumpy experience turned into one of the most memorable times of my life. The stars (Jensen, Krista, Josh, Kevin, Patricia, Julianne etc....) were delayed 3 hours at the airport, had their luggage lost, and finally made it to the softball event. Bryan was already there..because he wasn't invited to JOHN AND MARLENA'S WEDDING!!!(they filmed it til midnight on Friday!)They were real troopers, and I was thrilled once again, because I won a raffle to play with the stars in the game! Bryan even made a joke because I couldnn't find my raffle ticket at first..he said the penalty was that I had to sleep with him in his bed! The whole audience was hysterical laughing!!! Then he said "pretty stiff penalty!" He was so embarrased and we all laughed about it! Later at the game I was in the dugout waiting for the DAYS cast to arrive.

When I called Jensen's name, he came right over gave me a hug and kiss hello. Jensen was surprised a very glad that I came. I proceeded to have most of the cast sign the SALEM SLUGGER SHIRT they gave me and had my picture taken with both Jensen and Josh. Later it was time for the dinner dance which was chaotic. The lines were long for autographs, longer than anything!!!!

There I proceeded to have the "new men of DAYS" poster signed by Jensen, and Brian. It has Eric, Austin, Lucas, Nicholas, and Brandon on a truck and it says "Wanna Ride?" at the bottom! Security was tight, but Josh insisted that they allow me to get a picture with him and Jensen and Bryan at the table. When security wouldn't let me go behind the table, Josh had me sit or rather lay across the table with all of them around me! It was was miffed..but we got our picture! Bryan was great and danced with the fans on the dance floor and even took a spin around with me!

Last but not least, after the dinner dance was over I had the pleasure of hanging out with Jensen, Krista, and Bryan for a few hours. Those hours I spent with them made the trip worth while. It was filled with laugher and quiet conversation and lots of good advice and is a memory I'll never forget. The best part of the trip was that Jensen told me I have a "really big heart from what he could see". He said he's met me several times now, and thinks I am a "bright, intelligent, sweet, preetty girl who has a lot going for her". It was the nicest compliment anyone has given me, and meant the world coming from someone I respect so much! I know I gained a friend in Jensen that night, and he truly, truly is a remarkable person.

And for those who didn't know...Krista and Julianne are SWEETHEARTS, and Bryan will crack you up!!! Jensen and Krista especially made me feel at ease and allowed me to be myself with them. While they may be soap stars..they are people first, and really deserve commmon curtousy just like everyone does, and I hope anyone who meets them remembers that first! God Bless Jensen, Krista, Jullianne and Bryan! Much happiness and success to them all!


team member Tracey meets Jensen
Yes, that's Adopt-a-Star team member, Tracey, pictured above with Jensen, in New Jersey, 4/18/99

Today was wabsolutely the BEST!!!!! Jensen was just as kind, sweet, and hot as everyone said. I gave Jensen a belated b-day gift Ruth (a friend made). It was a sketch of Eric and Sami that I framed and wrapped up (as seen above).

JENSEN TOTALLY LOVED IT. He was GENUINELY touched by my thoughtfullness and my friend's talent. He couldn't get over how fantastic a job she did. He told me that this is the most thoughtful gift he ever received. Jensen said he will defintiely put it up in his dressing room and Ali (Sami) will be jealous and want one too.

During the Q&A I was the second one to go up and handed him the wrapped gift and explained it was supposed to be an early b-day gift, but now it was belated. He said "Thank You, that was so sweet." Then he hugged me, While I was up on the makeshift stage with him, I showed him the copy of his Official Fan Club Newsletter my story was printed in (the contest to write Eric's new storyline that I won) and he said "I want to read it."

He read it at the table, during the meet and greet part of the day. My brother was the next one in line to ask a question and he asked Jensen to to his favorite line from Mr. Rhodes. Jensen being the sweetie that he is obliged my brother and first explained that he was on a short lived show called Mr. Rhodes and he played a character named Malcom. Malcom was auditioning for something and had to pretend to see his best friend Tommy lying dead by him. His line was "They killed you Tommy, they killed youlike a sack of meat." However, Malcom says it without emotion and is instructed to show some grief since h is best friend was just killed. Malcom repeats the line the same way. Josh then chimes in and says to Jensen, "so that's how you got your part on the show?"

When Jensen finally came over to my table (it was the first one he visited), he sat next to me and on my chair for that matter. There was an empty seat at our table and my brother moved down to take a pic of me near Jensen, while he was squatting on the floor. I moved into my brother's seat and patted the chair telling him to sit. He replied "Thanks".

I got a number of pics of me and Jensen one in which he has his arms aroundme, and one of Jensen and Josh Taylor in which they posed especially for me cuz I called Jensen's name, and one of me, Jensen and Josh (all photos are posted on my site under Appearance). Both guys were great. All in all it was a dream come true and I loved every minute of it.

team member Beth meets Jensen and his family
Here's Beth's account of the encounter she had recently
with Jensen, his momand dad, sister and a former babysitter or two...

On Thursday, May 20, 1999, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Mr. and Mrs. Ackles (Jensen's parents), his sister Mackenzie, Lisa (again), and two friends of the family (who happened to be Jensen's first baby-sitters), and of course Jensen himself.

It was two nights before (Tuesday night) when I found out that Jensen was making an appearance at Planet Hollywood in New York City, kind of like a promotional thing for the Emmy's.

Anyhow, Alla and I got real excited, but she realized that she couldn't go. She had already missed about two and a half weeks of school due to a really badly sprained ankle, and couldn't afford to miss any more days.....even if it meant missing an opportunity to meet Jensen and his family.

So, at that point, I really didn't want to go either. We are in on this together, and it just wouldn't have felt right seeing him (or his family) without her. But after a whole lot of convincing, she finally made me realize that I couldn't miss this least one of us would be there. (by the way, I was already off from school). However, I didn't go alone. I was meeting a friend (Chrisf21) there.

After an hour of being stuck in traffic, I finally made it to NYC.

After going from street to street looking for parking, I finally decided to just park in a parking garage a few streets away from Planet Hollywood. During that time, the Ackles' (and Christine) had waited until I got there (thank you!).

As I walked to PH, guess who I saw? Jensen......along with his family walking on the same sidewalk as I was! :) Just a couple of feet away from me. I wanted to stop him, but I guess I was too shy. As I continued walking a few steps to PH, Christine (Chrisf21) stopped me, and said, "You just passed him...stop him!" So, we ran up to him.

As soon as I saw him, I greeted him and the rest of his family. I shook the Ackles' hands, and told them it was wonderful to finally be able to meet them. Then, Jensen hugged me. At that time I spotted Lisa talking to the friends of the family. I said, "Hi Lisa!" At first, she didn't hear me, so Jensen called her for me, and she said, "Oh, hi! How are you?!" I said, "I'm are you?!"

Then we all proceeded chatting a bit about how their flight was, what their plans were for the day, etc... I also told them that Alla was sorry she couldn't make it.

During our conversation, I was kind of out of breath from walking from the parking garage to PH. Jensen noticed that and said, "Look at you... what did you do? Park in Jersey and walk here?" We all laughed. :o)

After chatting some more, I asked for a picture. His parents thought that I wanted a picture with only Jensen, but I asked them ALL to get in the picture (which is the one you see on this page).

After the picture was taken, I once again shook their hands and told them it's been a pleasure, and that Alla and I will hopefully see them the next night....but unfortunately we didn't... :(

Then Jensen hugged me again. And as I said to Lisa, "it was a pleasure to see you again," I put out my hand to shake hers, but instead she hugged me. :) Then they all left, with Jensen being sort of like their tour guide. :)

By the way, I asked Jensen about that appearance he was supposed to do in PH, but he said there was no one there except for a few SUNSET BEACH people. He told me that if it was open for the public, he would've stayed, but no one was there. So, since he hadn't seen his family (his older brother, Josh flew in that night, by the way), he wanted to show them around. We all said bye, and Christine and I went to PH, and met a few cast members from Sunset Beach. It turned out that they were donating a black leather jacket that said "SUNSET BEACH CREW" on it.

That was such a wonderful day for me. I'm just sorry that my *partner-in-crime* wasn't there to share it with me. The Ackles' were a real pleasure to meet and get to talk to. By being in the presence of Jensen's parents, anyone would be able to see where he got his charm, respect for others, great looks, intelligence, sincerity and other great qualities.

team members Dina and Beth meet Jensen
Here's Dina's account of the afternoon

(April 18, 1999)

After waiting months and months, my trip to meet Jensen finally arrived. I flew from Mississippi to Newark, NJ on a thursday night. On Friday, Beth, Jess, Alla, and I spent the entire day in New York City. I had never been there before, so they showed me all of the sights. Then on Saturday we went to my first soap event ever. I was so incredibly excited!! I had never meet soap stars before. Some of the stars I met include Arianne Zuker (Days), Kevin Spirtas (Days), Julianne Morris (Days), Greg Vaughan, Don Jeffcoat (OLTL), and Ben Jorgensen (ATWT) just to name a few. I had a wonderful time.

Then the day we had all been waiting for finally came. We were going to see Jensen!! On the ride to the banquet hall, everyone was kind of quiet. I guess we were all nervous/excited about seeing Jensen. We arrived at the banquet hall and were told that Jensen was going to be late. Luckily, he got there not too much later. As we were waiting for him to walk in, I was going absolutely crazy.

He walked in the room, and from that moment I couldn't take my eyes off him. He is a million times better looking in person. They had a Q&A session, and the people who asked questions got to take a picture with Jensen and Josh. So, I decided to ask a question for that reason. I thought of a question, and then the girl in front of me asked it. So, I had to think of something quickly. I asked if Eric was going to propose to Nicole. We already knew the answer because Arianne (Nicole) had told us the night before. Jensen and Josh then began to go around to all of the tables. After what seemed like forever, Jensen finally got to our table. Luckily, I was with Beth and Alla who Jensen already knows. We were all sitting there talking to him, and he mentioned an A&F hat that I had sent him for his birthday. He said he had worn it to the gym just a few days earlier. I was so happy that he had actually worn MY hat!!

He signed my autographs, and then it was time to take a picture with him. Everyone was getting a "hug" picture with him, so I thought I would too. As he put his arms around me, I can remember getting "lost in his sweater". It was absolutely wonderful!!! Jensen was at our table so long that the ladies in charge had to come and take him away. He then went to the other side of the room, and we waited for Josh Taylor (Roman) to come to our table. He is a very sweet man. Very charming. Then, it was time for them to leave. We went and took a few more pictures of Jensen, and then it was over. The time went by much to fast, but it was wonderful while it lasted. Jensen is a truly amazing human being. He is so sincere and so real. I can't wait until the next time I have the wonderful opportunity of seeing him again.

team members Beth and Dina meet Jensen
Here's Beth's account of the afternoon

(April 18, 1999)

The long awaited soap star filled weekend had finally arrived. It all began on Saturday, April 17th when we, along with 2 friends, (DinaMc79 and SoapStarJR) who came from different states for the Jensen/Josh luncheon, attended an event in upstate NY, called "Studio Fifty-S.O.A.R" which was a disco/dance type of thing. There, we met Julianne Morris (Greta), Greg Vaughan (Ex-Cliff, 90210; Julianne's boyfriend), Kevin Spirtas (Dr. Craig Wesley), Arianne Zuker (Nicole), Michael Dietz (Joe, PC), Walt Willey (Jackson, AMC), Don Jeffcoat (Joey, OLTL), Taylor Stanley (Reme, AW), Michael Rodrick (Cameron, AW), and Ben Jorgenson (Sp?) (ATWT). We had a really great time, but we won't go into great detail about it, since we know you're all dying to read about our encounter with Jensen.

Saturday night, after that event, we got home at around 2a.m., watched the video that got sent to the official fan club members where Jensen is riding a horse, and went to sleep at around 3a.m.

On the morning of April 18th, we all got up at 8a.m. to send out the newsletter and get ready. We left the house (Beth's house) at around 11a.m., but surprisingly, we weren't going as crazy as we all thought we'd be. We were actually rather calm, even though we knew that it would all change once we saw Jensen.

We arrived at the place at around 11:20a.m. As soon as we came in, the woman in charge, who put the whole thing together, greeted us (since she already knows us). After she greeted us, she told us that our "friend" hadn't arrived yet. We were like, "friend?" She said "yeah, your friend." We were like "what?" Then she told us that our "friend", Jensen, hadn't arrived yet and was stuck in Syracuse, NY where he did an event the day before. She then told us that he might not get there til round 2:30p.m. We were so extremely bummed can't even imagine.

Meanwhile, we met up with a few people we had met over the net... Mike Mattes (the guy with the famous DAYS website), Tracey (the one with the Jensen page), and some other people that we met at previous events.

After we finally got settled at our table (there was a little mix up with seats), we overheard that Jensen was at Newark Airport, and would be arriving shortly...that was a relief. :)

About 20 minutes later, we were told that Jensen and Josh had finally arrived and were in the building. About 10 minutes later, Josh was introduced and he walked in giving hugs and kisses to some people, and shaking hands with others. He seemed like such a sweet and down-to-earth kind of guy. After he was greeted, he took the microphone and started with an introduction for Jensen. To tell you the truth, we don't really remember what it was he was saying because we were too busy watching the door and going crazy with excitement, waiting for Jensen to come in.

It is now about 12:45p.m. and Jensen comes walking through the door, wearing black boots, blue jeans, a black turtle neck, and a leather jacket. Alla almost passed out because she's always had a "thing" for guys in turtlenecks. LOL! Anyway, everyone in the place gets up and all you see is camera flashes all around. Jensen waves to everyone on his way to his table. When he got to his table, he was standing by his chair when he spotted us. He waved to us and blew us a kiss. Some people at other tables turned around to see who it was that Jensen blew a kiss to. We were totally astonished.
We still can't get over it.

After that, they picked 3 lucky people, from a raffle, to sit and eat lunch at the table with Jensen and Josh. Unfortunately, neither of us won, but one of the the winners happened to be a woman named, Adrian, who sat at our table...let's just say she was the "life of the party."

Lunch was then served. We didn't eat, we never do at these events. We know that this might sound crazy, but we just sat there and watched Jensen eat.

We couldn't keep our eyes off of him, we've waited too long to see him.

Jensen is so well-mannered. He was eating with a fork and knife...elbows off the table. :)

After Jensen and Josh were finished eating, the Q&A session began. Each person who went up and asked a question, got to take a picture with both Josh and Jensen. Stupid us, we didn't. Our friend, Dina did ask a question.
She asked if Eric would propose to Nicole.....and we all know the answer to that one! Jensen responded by saying that we would just have to wait and see for ourselves.

Then, someone asks Jensen to do that little phrase from Mr. Rhodes...

"They killed you, Tommy...they killed you like a sack of meat!"

He did it sooooo was hilarious!!! We were surprised that he even remembered all of it, because before he did it, he gave a whole set up to it, about the show and everything.

After that, Jensen and Josh were asked more questions. Someone asked Jensen what his dream car was and he told everyone that he actually got his dream car about a month ago, and it was a Chevy Tahoe. He said he has always liked big cars, and this one is a big car, sort of like a jeep.

Someone also asked Jensen what his favorite number was, and Alla almost had a heart attack when he said that his number was #13, because that's her number too, its been her number for many, many years. Jensen said that in H.S., when he played sports, his number always seemed to be 13.

After that, 2 girls sang a song. They were pretty good. By the way, during the song, Adrian whipped out her cell phone and started talking on it... that was very rude (sorry Christine!).

After that, Jensen and Josh did a few more Q&A's and came over to the dance floor to talk to some handicapped people who were at the event. When Jensen was about to walk back to his table, we told Adrian to call him over to our table. Adrian walks over to Jensen and says "Hey Jens, you gotta come over to those girls." Jensen looked at us, flashed us a big smile and said "I'll be there, they're on my list, I know who they are." We just smiled back at him.

A couple of minutes later, they finally started to make their way around to the tables. Jensen took our side of the room first. A lady who works at the place told him to come to our table first, but he looked over to our table and said "You guys are LAST"...they way he said it, and the look he said it with this laughing sort of smiling look on his face. He said it pretty loud and everyone at other tables heard him.We then decided to have the DJ play a song from us and dedicate to Jensen.

We wanted him to play "(G-d Must Have Spent) A Little More Time On You" by *N SYNC, but unfortunately he didn't have it. Actually, every song we mentioned, he didn't have... such as, "Angel of Mine" by Monica, "Dreaming of You" by Selena, and a few others. We didn't get to dedicate anything after all.

What seemed to us like decades later, Jensen finally walked over to our table. Right before he sat in between the two of us, he said, "Hiiii Beth," and then once he sat down, he said, "Hiiii Alla" (he said it in a way like he knew we were anxiously awaiting for him...which we were)... and then he proceeded to say hello to everyone else at the table.

And guess what was practically the first thing he mentioned??

Our little April Fool's joke from the newsletter!

Jensen started telling us about how his manager called him and left about 5 messages on his machine. When Jensen finally spoke to his manager, his manager was all nervous and said to him "Jensen, are you engaged?" And Jensen said, "TO WHO?!?!" and his manager said "To Lisa," and Jensen was like "WHAT? NO!" He had everyone at the table laughing. We explained to him that his manager didn't read the entire newsletter and that's why he didn't know that it was all an April Fool's joke.

By the way, he must've said a million "thank you's" that day (and gave us quite a few hugs as well). He really made us feel special. He also loved our gift. We got him an ABERCROMBIE & FITCH bookbag, which was really big, an A&F hat, a little stuffed animal football that when you squeeze it, it says "GO GO GO!" We also put in the bag all of the newsletters we ever did.

They were all printed out and in a pretty blue folder.

We also wrote a very heart-warmed, touching note to him. He wanted to read it right then and there, but we said he could just read it later on the plane or something. When he looked in the bag, and saw all that stuff (newsletters, etc.), his face lit up, and he said, "You guys are awesome...thank you!"

Then, when he saw Alla's scrapbook, he just quickly thumbed through it, and when he came to the "Jensen and Lisa" page, someone at the table asked him if she was nice and he said that she was wonderful. Then, his face lit up and he said, " I can't wait to go home."

Then Jensen told us that whenever someone asks him who his biggest fans are, he always says, "well, I have these two girls from Jersey"... :)

While he was signing some things for Alla, the DJ played LeAnn Rimes' HOW DO I LIVE and some little girl at the event sang along into the microphone.

Beth said "she HAS to sing LeAnn Rimes?'' and Jensen was like "I know, right ?!" We all laughed.

Also, when he was looking through Beth's album (of only pictures of him in it), she showed him the little quote that she wrote about him that got printed in Soap Opera Digest. He read it and was extremely touched...he asked, "you did that?" and Alla said said, "yeah"---he then said, "thank you," and leaned over and gave Beth a hug. He signed 4 things for Beth, and 5 things for Alla. But what really felt good was that when he was signing things for us, he didn't ask for our names, he just started writing them on his own, he knew then, and Alla was extremely surprised that he even spelled her name right, no one ever does.

Then Jensen had to leave our table because he still had many autographs to sign for other people. He gave us both hugs and said bye.

After that, Josh Taylor came to our table to sign autographs. Beth said to him "Josh...what was it like working with Luke Perry?" He said, "It's great...he's a really nice guy." And then Beth said, "But Jensen's the best, right?" And he's like, "Of course... Jensen is something else!" After we took pictures with Josh, we all said bye and he left the room because our table was the last one he went to.

Jensen was still not finished signing autographs for everyone. He spent so much time at our table that he didn't have enough time at the other end of the room. About 20 minutes later, he was all finished and had to be escorted out because about 100 people were still following him. As he made his way to the stairs, he spotted us, and gave us one last "good-bye" and "thank you" hug. The lady who was escorting him out said to everyone, "if Jensen poses on the stairs, will you all promise to leave?" and everyone agreed. Jensen then posed on the stairs and everyone took pictures. Then he waved to everyone and said "bye," but before he left, he looked straight at us and said "see you guys in NY." The reason he said that is because we told him earlier that we hope to go to the Emmy's and see him there again. Jensen then ran up the stairs, and everyone began to leave.He is truly one amazing human being, and he really made our day special and worth waiting for. We thought we couldn't like him anymore than we already had.....we guess we were wrong. It was sad to see the day coming to an end, but hopefully that wasn't the last time we would see him. Next time we hope to see him is at the Emmy's. We'll always be 110% behind him. G-d definitely spent a little more time on him. He's one amazing individual. We also give his parents credit...they are the ones who raised him so right.

team member Beth meets the man

February 15, 1998, the day that I (with my friend, and co-editor of the Jensen newsletter) had been waiting a lifetime for, had finally arrived. I had the incredible honor of meeting the beautiful, wonderful, talented, amazing Jensen Ackles. It was the most enjoyable 4 and a half hour luncheon I had ever gone to, which will be treasured in my heart and memory forever. He's everything you can imagine and more! I thought I would feel really nervous with tons of butterflies in my stomach, but I didn't...only in the beginning when he walked into the room. He makes you feel very comfortable, so that made it easy for me to ask him for a hug...and that just did it for me... :) Before that first hug I got from him, he signed a few autographs. One autograph I asked him to sign was him with his shirt half open. He took the picture in his hands and said, "Is that my body?, that's Austin's body with my face." LOL. He's such a cutie. :) I totally admire him for the success he has accomplished in such a short period of time. He truly deserves all the recognition he gets. He's so sweet, respectful, well-mannered, down-to-earth, and a total delight to be around. I also give his parents credit...they are the ones who raised him so right. They should be so if they aren't already. I can't wait to see this sweetie again!



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