the YMS Boyband game II

the YMS Boyband game II


Welcome to the YMS Boyband game II !

We've added new quiz sections in the qualifying rounds, new members to the Make a Band section and overall expanded the game. The game still has several levels that you must go through to get to the end. Along the way your knowledge about Boybands, past and present, will be tested in several ways. If you reach the end, you can count yourself as one of a few who really know your boybands. If you make it all the way to the end you can enter our monthly drawing for a cool prize!

This month: you could win a CD of your choice at!

But you gotta finish the game to enter the contest. Ready to begin? First you must pass the opening quiz to get to Level 2. Click on the nearest boyband member to proceed.

Good luck.

Prepare to be challenged!

Enter here.