Frankie Muniz

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name: Francisco Muniz IV
born: December 5, 1985 in Ridgewood, New Jersey
raised: Knightdale, North Carolina
lives in: New Jersey with his family
family: father, Frank (restaurant manager); mother, Denise (former nurse, now his manager); older sister, Cristina
stats: 5'0"
hobbies: golfing
trivia: Frankie's been home schooled since Grade 6


  • "To Dance with Olivia" (1997) (TV)
  • "What the Deaf Man Heard" (1997) (TV) Young Sammy
  • It Had To Be You (1998) Franklin
  • "Spin City" (1998) (TV guest appearance) Derek
  • Lost & Found (1999) Movie on TV "Boy"
  • My Dog Skip (2000) Willie Morris
  • "Malcolm in the Middle" (2000 - ) (TV Series) Malcolm
  • "Miracle in Lane 2" (2000) (TV) Justin
  • Deuces Wild (2001) Scooch

comments: Little Frankie Muniz got his start playing Tiny Tim in "A Christmas Carol" in Raleigh, NC for 3 years, gaining numerous Young Actor Award nominations. Since then his career has done nothing but skyrocket. He's in one of the best shows on TV, "Malcom in the Middle", the smartly written and brilliantly performed comedy. He appeared in the excellent My Dog Skip and did a great job in the cheesy Disney Channel film "Miracle in Lane 2". Look for the talented young Frankie next in Deuces Wild, also starring Brad Renfro and Stephen Dorff, among others, out near Christmas, 2000.

agent: Abrams Artists Agency, 9200 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 1130, Los Angeles, CA 90069

Latest News:

  • Frankie and the cast of "Malcolm in the Middle" made an appearance at Macy's in LA on August 19th.



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updated 9.1.00


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