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Announcing the all new
YMS/YFS Friends List

We thought we'd do something special. Just for our friends.

Wanna be friends?

YMS homepage and YFS homepage have joined forces to bring you, our friends, some really cool stuff. By joining the Friends List you'll be certain to be one of the first to know about imporatnt changes, updates and new features on YMS/YFS homepage.

Only for our friends.

Join the List today, don't delay!

Need to make a change?: If you're already a member of the YMSYFS Friends List, you can change your current email address, request the current newsletter, or remove yourself from the list using our handy online form. Access the Change Form here.

And, yes, it is completely free. We only ask that you visit us often. A few moments of your time for a good cause.

This is what we've got lined up for September:

  • the YMS Ricky Martin gallery
  • the YMS JC Chasez gallery
  • the YMS Ethan Hawke gallery
  • the YMS Jordan & Ryan gallery
  • the YMS Eddie Furlong gallery
  • the YMS C Thomas Howell gallery
  • MatchGame 98: an oldie but a goodie
  • the Quiz-o-rama archives
  • Adopt-a-Star! (*see this)
  • Access to the YMS Intern Program
  • the Friends Only pages
  • the Friends Only email contact
  • the monthly YMS/YFS newsletter

And coming soon:

  • a new Friends Only gallery every week
  • up next: the YMS Ryan Merriman gallery
  • the YMS Casting Director Game



Erik says: "Use the Change Form!"

Please use the Change Form: If you are already on the list and have received the confirmation and newsletter, please do not use the online Join Form to request another copy of the latest newsletter. Please us the Change Request Form. Also, please bookmark the current month's Friends Only Page. The URL is included in each month's newsletter, and you'll receive it when you join. If for some reason you didn't bookmark the page, use the Change Request Form to ask for another newsletter.


One of the cool programs we've developed only for Friends List folks is our exciting Adopt-a-Star program. Join the growing list of people who have adopted a YMS/YFS star and are taking care of their YMS/YFS page with us! Go here to check out the growing list of stars alvailable!

From our Friends Adoption Teams, some really cool concert and movie reviews that you might want to check out (or if you'd like to write a review yourself and have it published on YMS homepage, join the Friends List and adopt a star!). Check out the Justin Timberlake team's reviews, the Michelle meets Take 5 review, the Hanson team's reviews, and the Erik Von Detten teams reviews!

The YMS Internship Program

Here's a great opportunity to work directly with and on YMS homepage as a YMS homepage Intern. Interns work in three month non-paid internships. Help us design a new game, or add new sections and pages, or write reviews or columns.

Only Friends List members are eligible to apply. Wanna work with us on the YMS homepage site? Now accepting applications for YMS Internships. Apply here.

How do I sign up for this free thing?

It's easy, just subscribe today! Either click that big blue "subscribe today" thingee up there or email us asking to join. That's it. No hassle, no mess. We'll send you a confirmation of your subscription that includes the URL to those cool galleries we were just talking about. And, it is absolutely free. There is no charge. Would you charge YOUR friends?!

IMPORTANT: We keep track of you by your email address. You MUST use ONE email address when corresponding with us.

AOL USERS / RESTRICTED MAIL: If your email is blocked or restricted and we cannot reach you on three (3) attempts, you will be removed without notice from the Friends list or the adoption list.

ANTI-SPAM POLICY: Participation in the Friends List and Adopt-a-Star Program is contingent on your adherence to our anti-spam policy. You can not use the program to send unsolicted emails to YMS/YFS homepage or to your teammates. Examples of unsolicted emails are: chain mail letters, commercial or non-commercial advertisements, political solicitations or postion emails, and any email not directly associated with the business of updating your star's page. If you are found to be participating in such spam activity, you will immediately be removed from the program without warning. No exceptions.


Your email address will only be used for the Friends List mailings. Please read our privacy policy. Remain on the Friends List as long as you like, simply ask us to remove you at any time. (But we kinda think you'll stick around.) Did we mention that it was free?


Brad would want you to join, you know.


See you on the Friends List!