Ben Foster

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name: Ben Foster
born: October 29, 1980 in Boston, MA
raised: Fairfield, IA

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  • Kounterfeit (1996) Travis
  • "Flash Forward" (TV series) (1996) Tucker James
  • "You Wish" (TV guest appearance) (1997) Earl
  • "I've Been Waiting For You" (TV) (1998) Charlie
  • "Breakfast With Einstein" (TV) (1998) Ryan
  • "Freaks and Geeks" (TV guest appearances) (1999, 2000) Eli
  • Liberty Heights (1999) Ben Kurtzman

comments: Newcomer Ben Foster, the star of the excellent Liberty Heights, Barry Levison's Baltimore memoir, is definitely one to watch. Ben can also be seen in the pilot, and an upcoming episode of "Freaks and Geeks". Ben got his start in summer theater and in a few TV shots. His big break came when Levison picked him for the main character in last years excellent, but little-seen Liberty Heights. Ben has the great ability to disappear into a role, and we hope to see him do that more often. More Ben, please.


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