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Welcome to the YMS/YFS Friends List Adopt-a-Star Program.

To join the program, give us your name, email address** and answer the following questions. Please read our *privacy policy regarding use of the information you supply to join the program.

ANTI-SPAM POLICY: Participation in the Adopt-a-Star Program is contingent on your adherence to our anti-spam policy. You can not use the program to send unsolicted emails to YMS/YFS homepage or to your teammates. Examples of unsolicted emails are: chain mail letters, commercial or non-commercial advertisements, political solicitations or postion emails, and any email not directly associated with the business of updating your star's page. If you are found to be participating in such spam activity, you will immediately be removed from the program without warning. No exceptions.

YMS/YFS Friends List: You must be a member of the YMS/YFS Friends List to participate in the Adopt-a-Star program. If you are not already a member, we will add you the list when you apply to join Adopt-a-Star. If you ask to be removed from the YMS/YFS Friends List, you will also be removed from the Adopt-a-Star program.



Your first name? (mandatory*)

Your e-mail address (mandatory**):

The Star You Wish to Adopt (mandatory):

**For ID purposes only, at whatever level you join, you must give us your email address. We respect your privacy, please read our privacy policy.



What Level do you wish to participate at? Level 1 is the participation level. You can participate with your team or alone dealing one on one with our staff. Level 1 requires you tell us if we can release your email address for coordination purposes to your fellow teammates. Level 2 is name only. We place your first name on your star's page and that's it.



If you choose Level 1, can we release your email address to the team? Not answering this question at all and choosing Level 1 will automatically place you on the non-team roster and your email will not be released.


Your sex:

Your age (mandatory***):

That's it. Click the button below to submit your request. You will be notified, usually within 2 to 3 days, of the status of your request and what steps to take next, if any.

Parental Approval***:

***If under the age of 13, you must indicate you parent's approval here.

Thanks for your interest in Adopt-a-Star!


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