March 2000
Another featured film we think you might want to see!

This month, it's Leo's latest:
The Beach







The Beach (2000)
Directed by Danny Boyle

cast :

Leonardo DiCaprio ... Richard
Tilda Swinton ... Sal
Virginie Ledoyen ... Françoise
Guillaume Canet ... Étienne
Paterson Joseph ... Keaty
Robert Carlyle ... Daffy
Peter Youngblood Hills ... Zeph
Jerry Swindall ... Sammy
Lars Arentz-Hansen ... Bugs
Staffan Kihlbom ... Christo
Magnus Lindgren ... Sten
Victoria Smurfit ... Weather Girl

Written by Alex Garland and John Hodge
Rated R

The Beach (2000) reviewed by Jordan


Ok, so they spent $20 million on this? Just for Leonardo? Well, as you might have already guessed, I didn't like the movie. Maybe it was expectations of something too good to be true with visions of a near naked Leo carrying a movie all the way through. I kept waiting for the something, anything to drop, for it to click, and after several attempts, it just fails to muddle through. The middle part of the film is a real mess. The beginning of this little romp begins with a ok scene that sounds like it was trying really hard to out do the last great depiction of a Joseph Conrad novel.

I should say something good about The Beach. It was like Homegrown meets Lord of the Flies. Oh, that's the middle part I was talking about. A unbelievable love triangle here, a weird sequence with Leo crashing through a video game there, man against the jungle there. It's a bunch of little untied together parts that never seem to fit together very nicely.


The film is an adaptation of a book by Alex Garland. I didn't read the book, so I couldn't really comment on whether or not this follows it or not. It might make a good book. The various stories are interesting enough,, and the photography is beautiful. It looks like a nice place. And yeah, it's not bad seeing Leo run around half naked most of the time, and the other actors and actresses are all quite beautiful also, overall it just lacks the spark of a good film.

The soundtrack isn't bad, which made me think a few times I had nodded off and woke up watching another video or gameshow/realityshow on MTV. Wait a minute, where's Carson?

I think this is a waste of $7 or whatever you're paying these days. Save it for the matinee or bargain houses, it's probably there by now after showing a respectable opening weekend, but dropping fast with all the lukewarm at best reception it got from audiences and critics. Wait for the video if you really want to see it.

Diehard Leo fans, there are one or two of you out there, I'm sure, will probably love this. But I give it two and a half stars. Ho-hum.



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