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What is Adopt-a-Star anyway?
We thought you 'd never ask!


Do you like what you see?

Here's the deal: you adopt one of our star pages, like, say, Ben Affleck. 

Now, you might want to pick a guy that you know a lot about, or want to know a lot about. Because we're going to rely on YOU to keep the page updated. We'll do the html, you let us know what's happening with your guy. For the more popular guys, more than one person is allowed onto the page team. But it is you and/or your team who we will turn to, if, say we get an interview with your guy. So have those questions ready for us.  


Check the pages that list the stars currently available for adoption on YMS and on YFS.


Are you on the Friends List?

Many star pages already have teams formed. You can join one of those teams.

You may chose to join at one of two levels.

Level 1: Participation (here, you work alone or with the rest of the team, to keep your star's page updated).

Level 2: Name Only (here we merely list your name on your star's page as one of his adopters. No further participation is expected.)

To join, just tell us who you'd like to adopt and why. Tell us if you run a website of your own, or any experience you might have related to the Internet, entertainment, or the guy you'd like to adopt. Don't sweat this part, just tell us a little about yourself.

YOU CAN ADOPT ONLY ONE STAR AT A TIME on each of our sites: one male star (YMS) and one female star (YFS).

IMPORTANT: We keep track of you by your email address. You MUST use ONE email address when corresponding with us about your adoption.

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: If your email is blocked or restricted and we cannot reach you on three (3) attempts, you will be removed without notice from the Adoption list for the star you adopted.

ANTI-SPAM POLICY: Participation in the Adopt-a-Star Program is contingent on your adherence to our anti-spam policy. You can not use the program to send unsolicted emails to YMS/YFS homepage or to your teammates. Examples of unsolicted emails are: chain mail letters, commercial or non-commercial advertisements, political solicitations or postion emails, and any email not directly associated with the business of updating your star's page. If you are found to be participating in such spam activity, you will immediately be removed from the program without warning. No exceptions.

If accepted, we'll send you a confirmation letter that will serve as your official adoption papers. Click the banner below to join.
 Join today.

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