Antonie Kamerling


name: Antonie Kamerling
Aug 25, 1966 in Arnhem, The Netherlands
family: wife, Isa Hoes; son, Merlijn
trivia: got his start in the Dutch soap "Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden"; appeared in theater versions of "Hamlet" and a Dutch version of "Torch Song Trilogy"


  • "Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden" (Dutch TV) (1990 - 1992) Peter Kelder
  • Little Blonde Death (De kleine dood) (1993, The Netherlands) Valentijn Boeke
  • Lisa (1996, Belgium)
  • All Stars (1997) Hero
  • Suite 16 (1997, France) Chris
  • Left Luggage (1998)
  • Het 14e Kippetje (1998)
  • "All Stars" (TV show) (1998 - ) Hero

Try as we might, we just can't seem to find much about this extrememly popular actor/singer from The Netherlands. Perhaps it is our inheirently American tendency not to speak any other language but, well, American. (No, we won't insult our English friends by claiming to have mastered the English language. We speak American.) Ok, back to Antonie: He's immensely popular in his native country, and apparently has made quite a name for himself in both mediums, including the films listed above. (Yes, Dutch fans, we realise this is only a partial list. We'd appreciate any help you want to throw our way to tell the rest of the planet about your beautiful secret!) In Suite 16, a film directed by Dominic Deruddere (Wait Until Spring, Crazy Love), Antonie plays Chris, a young hustler who works the French Riviera, seducing older women and blackmailing them. After an unpleasant incident with one of his customer/victims, Chris, running from the police, finds himself in Suite 16, a luxury apartment occupied by a rich old wheelchair bound Englishman, played by Peter Postlethwaite, who takes him in and lives vicariously through young Chris. What follows is basically a two character study, with games of domination and deceit being played on both sides. The film received mixed reviews, with some complaining of Antonie's flat acting, but always noting how gorgeous he is and how the director took every opportunity to show off Antonie's marvelous physique. Still, the film did present Antonie an opportunity to break through to a wider audience. Famous in Europe, but virtually unknown in the States, we're kinda hoping that changes, because we like what we see. Don't you?

Currently: hosting a TV show in The Netherlands that has young people competing in a contest to be a soap star.


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