Justin Timberlake's Team Reviews!




Aug 1, 2000
Joliet, IL

reviewed by Katie

The concert I went to was actually scheduled for June 25th, but a tornado touched down at the raceway where the concert was to be held and tore apart the stage. So they decided to reschedule the concert for August 1st. The show started at about 7:30 with the opening acts, including Ron Izarry who was sponsored by Chris Kirkpatrick's Fu Man Skeeto clothing line. Then Innosense came on, they're a girl band that Justin's mom put together. Pink was the final opening act. After waiting about a half hour, all the lights went out and down came Lance, JC, Justin, Chris, and Joey from the top of the stage dressed up like puppets. Then they sang "No Strings Attached". After that they sang a remix of "I Want You Back", "God Must Have Spent a Little More Time On You", "Tearin' Up My Heart", "It's Gonna Be Me", and "I Drive Myself Crazy". Then the whole crew that helped with the tour came out and the 5 guys sang "I Thought She Knew". Then they had taped a video of Justin, JC, Chris and Joey at a carnival thing. Then thay came on stage (every one except Lance) and sat on couches with a robot thing in Lances' place. They surfed through tv channels and landed on "Who Wants To Be a Millionare", the episode that Lance was on. He was on the 1 million dollar question and didn't know the answer so he called Justin's cell phone and they were all clueless of what the answer was. So Lance asked the audience and of course we were right and Lance won the million dollars and joined his friends in singing "Just Got Paid"! After that they sang "Space Cowboy" and "It Makes Me Ill". Then JC wanted to get closer to the audience and they got on a moving platform and went out in the audience to sing "This I Promise You". But that wasn't it, for the encore, they sang "Digital Get Down" and finally "Bye Bye Bye". Then that was the end, it was all over. The entire show was filled with special effects, lasers, fireworks and the nations' most talented and hot group, *NSYNC!

July 5, 2000
Raleigh, NC

reviewed by Annie

I just went to see part of N*SYNC's No Strings Attached Tour in Raleigh, North Carolina on July 5, 2000 and let me tell you, it was off tha hook!

From beginning to end, the show was non-stop entertainment. The show began with several, lesser-acts like Fumanskeeto-signed recording artist Ron Izziary (sp.?) and Boys and Girls United. Then Pink came on and rocked the house, especially with her hit "There You Go". Then after about an hour and a half, N*SYNC came on stage singing "No Strings Attached" while hanging from the ceiling like puppets (similar to their CD cover).

They performed some of their old hits like "Tearin' Up My Heart" and "I Want You Back". Justin was looking very fine throughout those songs. He was wearing a jewel-studded bandana and his smile was to die for! All the guys were dressed in outfits with a style similar to the clothes in the "It's Gonna Be Me" video (kind of retro-looking with a lil' hip-hop flair, you know what I mean).

When they performed their songs off the new album, the choreography was just plain awesome! All the guys were on-point and looking great on stage. During "Space Cowboy" and "Digital Getdown", the guys were rocking some pretty freaky moves.

I think "Just Got Paid" was one of the most fun songs they performed. They had confetti flying everywhere and during the lyric "...bootay shakin'..." you get a nice view of Justin's bootay! Yummy!

The pyrotechnics and laser lights added alot of excitement and were definitely worth the money you paid to see these guys.

The only songs they didn't perform off their new CD were "Bringing Da' Noise and "That's When I'll Stop Loving You".

During " This I Promise You" part of the stage goes through the middle of the floor which is pretty exciting if you have floor seats. Justin had alot of the lead vocals and if you're one of his fans, you won't be dissapointed---just one look at his moves and you'll melt.

I had a great time at the show and I hope you do/or did too! And don't forget to stick around for the last, crowd-pleasing performance of the night! I won't give you any clues.

Bye! Bye! Bye!


June 2, 2000
Dallas, TX

reviewed by Rachel

The concert in Dallas was awesome! It seemed shorter than the other tour, but it was a lot of fun, a lot of laughing and of course screaming. Though, I didn't scream THAT much, I wanted to hear the music more. But that was hard, as you might expect.

I went with my friends from school and Natasha (who's on the lists) and we had floor seats, which I have never have had before. But it wasn't, you know, THAT wonderful. We were kind of far away, but not. We could see the stage pretty well and make out facial expressions and things. Plus there was the huge screen behind it.

Anyways, first Ron Irizarry (sp?) came out and he's good! I saw him in August, too. He has some catchy songs! I'll buy his c.d. when it comes out for sure. He did 3 songs, I think.

Steve Fatone was kind of "hosting" the acts, so he came out and talked to us about who knows what, as Ron's banner fell down and Pink's was shown. Her slogan was something like 'Painting the Pink.' Me and Natasha tried to stand on our seats, as Pink came out with this Inspector Gadget theme. She is SO cool, lol. She did three songs. I know the second one was something like 'Split Personality...' She wore this really interesting costume and there were mirrors that would shine on the side of the stage at the audience. It sucked, though, because we got yelled out by some worker to sit down. We weren't allowed to stand up on the seats. But other people were, so I couldn't see! Despite the clogs, I was wearing. There was this really tall woman in front of me. Blah. Anyways, then she did 'There You Go' which sounded good and she ran out into the center of the audience, which was empty and had railings surrounding it. She was so close! Her hair is soo bright, lol. That was her last song.

After that, the lights came back on and they had to set up the stage for Sisqo. I was wondering why he got so much special treatment. His back drop was really cool looking. They brought out two red dragons for the side of the stage. I can't remember if they did anything else. He finally came on and he was good. He did a couple songs that I don't know. Then, a Dru Hill song. I like him, don't get me wrong, but at this point I was all Get off the stage! I wanted 'N Sync! Sisqo's hot.. *yum* Nice stomach! He did a medley, I think. With a little 'Wild, Wild West' and he had some rappers on stage with him. One was running around in the audience! They did Jay-Z's 'Big Pimpin' or whatever it's called and Dr. Dre and Eminem's song. It was cool. Of course, he ended with The Thong Song which was okay.. lol. He was fun to watch.

Then, of course, comes the LONG wait for 'N Sync, as they set up the stage and everything. Natasha and I went to go buy a t-shirt for her. Ron was signing autographs! That was pretty cool! Finally, something happened.. the back drop fell, I don't know exactly what happened and there's 'N Sync! Hanging in air and they came down pretending to be puppets. It was cute. I could not tell you what they were wearing. I'm not good at remembering clothes..lol. I could tell you, Justin was wearing this long bandana and had patches on his pants with white gloves, though. They performed 'No Strings Attached' first, which was great! Cool dancing! And then "It's Gonna be Me", more cool dancing. And then they went underneath the stage through the curtain thing to change, I guess and Lance came back on to talk to us. He did the 'God Must Have Spent A little more time on all of you..' speech and the rest of the guys came back on all in white shirts, I think, while, Lance was still in black. They sang the song and during the middle of it, were raised into the air on these tall, silver pipe looking things. It had the same motions which everyone was doing, lol. The song sounded good!

I THINK the next song they performed was 'I Want You Back.' I also think Justin actually sang the 'You're the one I want..' part, because I don't remember that being yelled. LoL. The next song, I'm pretty sure was 'I Drive Myself Crazy.' They had couches and chairs on the stage with a lamp. Chris came out first and he said something like, 'Because we can't bring you all home with us, we thought we'd bring a little of home to you' *smile* and he sat on the top part of the couch and began singing. Aw, I love this song. JC came out and then Joey and Lance or in some order. It was, like, a remix of the song. I liked it! Justin came out last and ran to his spot on the couch where Chris and JC were. Lance and Joey were in the chairs. Joey, JC and Justin were whispering to each other during the song. It was cute. At the end of the song, Chris turned off the lamp and it went dark (their escape).

I might be getting the order wrong, I'm not sure. The whole next part is kind of blurry in my mind! I think the next song they performed was 'Tearin' up My Heart' because they had something before it and there was time to move the couches and everything. Ananda from MTV came onto the screen and was talking about Total Nsync Live and how we had to scream for what song we wanted the guys to do next. One of the choices was Yankee Doodle and Three Blind Mice. I don't know what the other one was, while choice D was Tearin' up my Heart which everyone screamed for and of course they came out and performed it. I really wanted them to do something like Yankee Doodle. Oh well! I know 'I Thought she Knew' was somewhere in here and Justin talked about taking it all back and they never thought they would get to where they are now and they wanted to do the first song they ever did together. *aww* It was beautiful. Joey looked so serious and cute. I really like his voice. He should get more solo's! It was so strange, there were a TON of JC lovers in the crowd! Every time he was shown or spoke, lots and lots of screaming. Sometimes it was soo much more than Justin. lol. I made a point to try not to scream for Justin when I did yell. I was all, Lance, Chris and Joey! Justin's 'battle' was in there somewhere, too. He came out, looking all cute and tough and did his beat box thing. He made the cutest sounds, while they played their instruments. Then Billy started to play the drums and Justin stopped and walked up the stage and was all, Man what are you doing!? Do you want to battle?! So they did this whole thing, it was so cool! I was cheering for Billy, lol. It sounded, I don't know, but I liked it! In the middle of the concert, JC did the thing he said they always had to do in Texas and began to sing, "The stars at night are big and bright.." and we clapped and sang the rest. For those who don't know, "Deep in the heart of Texas!!" lol. Anyways, hmm..

I think 'Just Got Paid' was next and their outfits were so cute! Especially JC's! The little segment they had before the song was the best. Four of the guys, not including Lance, went into this weird room to watch TV. Chris and Justin were playing basketball and stuff like that. They sat down on this couch, Joey had popcorn and started flipping through the channels. There was a 'scary' movie on and they all screamed. It was adorable. There was this weird machine person there and Chris was all 'Who the heck are you?!' Finally, they stopped on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and of course Lance was on. *cute* And he wad going for the Million dollar question. The question was, Which member of Pokemon does not belong? A: Jigglypuff B: Poran or something C: something and D: Pikatchu Lance's facial expressions were really cute. He decided he had to call home and the phone starts ringing. Everyone grabs for the cell phones and the guys are all, hello? hello? Lance starts reading the question and the guys all started shouting different answers. When time was up, they didn't have one.

So, Lance decided to use his last lifeline and pull the audience. All of sudden, Justin comes out of the room and looks at us. (He looked GOOD, may I add! :) Adore him..hehe) He was like, "Listen up y'all. As you can see, Lance needs help. And we can't help him. It's up to you. You need to scream for the right answer! We got to get paid! And get one million dollars," and he did the Dr. Evil thing from Austin Powers. So he said each letter and people screamed. And they had a little meter and everyone screamed for B. Lance decided to go for it and he won! lol. I was just a tad bit curious why all these people knew about Pokemon! Then the guys came on and did the song. It was really cute! They had a sign that said 'The Klub.' And were talking to the bodyguard to get in the club (he had a list of people who could get in or something). Well, JC was talking, Chris was trying to cause trouble as usual by ruffling the papers. The guard wouln't let them in at first until they said they were 'N Sync. Then the backstage area opened and for a second showed these girls dancing around. I liked the whole song a lot. The guys must have put a lot of creative planning into all of this! I think confetti came out during this song and there was so much all over us. We were throwing it at each other. I kept some, lol.

Either 'It Makes Me Ill' was next or 'This I Promise You.' During IMMI, they showed on the screen this hospital thing (like an ambulance was on its way to the hospital) and the guys came out in hospital jackets and Joey was wearing a shower cap, while they tried to save Justin who was laying on a wheely bed. They would shock him and his legs would fly up. Funny. Then he sat up and started singing. The dancing during this song was a little corny! *shakes head* lol. They would sometimes pretend that they were throwing up during the main line of the song. I think this was the song, they took off Justin's bandana so his braids showed finally. Very interesting! It kind of looked like he was bald at first. hehe. At the end, they were "flat lined" or whatever and sank to the floor dying. Natasha and I were cheering. Like, Yay, they're dead! Whoohoo!

I don't know when this 'next' song came exactly, but it was the BEST part of the whole show. OH MY GOD! The guys come out and were talking about how the next part was only for special people and we didn't scream loud enough during the show. So of course everyone starts screaming and Lance was saying, You know this is the home of the Dallas Stars. (It was at the same arena). And a lot of people yelled, including me. GO STARS! YAY! And JC was, like, Really? Maybe we should leave then. The games tomorrow night! So he starts walking away and then comes back saying, "SYKE!" It was funny. Then JC started talking about how he wanted to move closer to the audience.

And Chris was, like, nah. But JC did and they so did the others and he was still, 'CLOSER!' So they moved to the end of the stage and JC went, "Guys, I still think we should move closer to all those people out there!" And he pointed to the back. He was being pretty 'pushy.' Thank god! And Chris said something like, if we move any closer we'll fall off stage! And Joey and Justin pretended like they were going to jump off. But JC told them to move back and all of sudden that little square-like section of the stage started moving up. It was great! And it turned around slightly and started making its way through the middle of the audience. It was high up, kind of. And the song began. I completely tuned out the whole song! lol Because the platform came back and was stopped just diagonal in front of us. Justin was facing us and he was so close. And DAMN, he is absolutely beautiful! I've seen him close up before, but oh my god.. *swoon* I loved the outfit, too! He sang, facing us and he was looking at all of us (while I snapped a billion pictures) and we were trying to get him to wave to us. He did point to Natasha's hair, which was in braids just like his. I was wondering what he was thinking about. The platform was moving around, so we got to see each guy up close. I took a picture of each. It was cute, because there was this little baby in front of us wearing a Superman outfit and Joey made a motion, like you want to come up here? Awwwwww... JC is hot, lol. Lance looked good, too! Chris was facing us and smiling and stuff and he waved in our direction and Natasha was happy because he winked at us. *blush* He's handsome! It took the braids getting cut off to make me see that! That whole part was soooo great and they stayed back there most of the song.

When they started to move back, I was like NOOOO! Good thing I saved my film for that. *phew* I forgot about the extreme pain in my feet the whole time they were back there, hehe. I got pretty emotional after they left too. Tears in my eyes and the scary thing is I don't cry over them anymore! I stopped that two years ago, lol. Oh well, we all have our moments! They waved good bye after that song, like they were going to leave.

After that, pretty much I was on some sort of high the whole concert. *smile* I think the face part was next. I dunno, though. It might have been before. There was this huge face and it was so cool, because it talked and had different color lights on it. It was like guess the next song... we're not leaving, we're going to stay! And this might have been the part where there was a green laser thing, too. I liked that! The guys came on and did, 'Space Cowboy.' The dancing was awesome. This might have been the song where they were all in these really cool outfits. Sparkly and leather. They should have worn cowboy hats. They were in Texas! I liked all their outfits the whole time.

'Digital Get Down' was next, probably. And they started with this internet thing and then they came out. I think JC was in leather pants. He looked soooo skinny. My..lol. This is all really a blur, but I know I liked the dancing. Humping the floor and stuff. Interesting. *yum* And there was this one shot where JC kind of licked the floor or something. They had this move where they were flat on the floor. lol. I liked that song a lot. OH YEAH, it was either this or BBB or SC, that they had lights on their pants and arms. Green.. I think. It was sooo cool 'cause it was dark and the lights were on! They took them off, well they took something off and threw them into the audience. Lucky, lucky people who got them.

'Bye, Bye, Bye' was next and last. It was so sad. :( *sniff* I really couldn't tell ya much about it. Except they were wearing blue and white. I think long sleeves. Same dance steps. They ran around and up and down the stage and said their goodbyes. Like how Joey said, we are 'N Sync at the beginning and Justin says it at the end and they bow and ran off stage.

They might have done something else, but I dunno! It was sad, but the best experience! I might have forgotten some stuff, a song or something, an important detail, but I hope I didn't! lol.

Sorry, it was so long and if you didn't understand some things; It was just a great night! I hope you all get to see them! Of if you already have, wasn't it great?!


August 13, 1999
Houston, TX

reviewed by Susan

My mom got me 2 'N SYNC tix 2 months ago from a friend, and the 11th, I finally got a hold of someone who could go w/me. So, Friday, we left my house @ 5:30 (when they opened the gates! :( But her dad was taking us, and he had to work so....) And we got there @ 7. My friend Diana kept trying to get out of his truck when we got to the Woodlands Pavilion. She was like "Here, Papi, Here!" and we were in the middle of the street! I believe he was telling her to settle down in spanish. D/k. Well, she eventually agreed to being dropped off @ the gate. Since my mom was only able to get lawn seats, we spent like 10 minutes trying to get a good seat in the lawn. People just sat anywhere. Anyway, we found seats near the back, but they were DEAD CENTER!! So, we asked this lady 2 watch our stuff while we spent some well earned mula. We stood in line 4 20 min. trying to get 1 tshirt 4 me. But this girl in front of me COULD NOT make up her mind. She was like "No. 3. No no no. No. 7. No, wait. What sizes were they again?" I wanted to strangle her! Meanwhile, these people were performing by the gate and gave these 2 girls BSP. We were mad. After I finally got the shirt (black with a star and at the points are their pix. I wanted another one.. but I kinda had a limit!!) we got their pix. Diana got JC and I got Justin. He is SOOOO fine in that pic!! Anyway, we left to look for our seats becuz 3rd Story was performing (like we cared) and wanted to get settled in b4 Jordan Knight. Well, we spent 3rd Story's entire performance looking 4 our seats!! Later, we discovered the lady was behind us the whole time *grins sheepishly*. So, we sat down and talked to the ladies 9 yr. old daughters.. or daughter and friend while Shanice... or Shaquie.. whatever performed. We didn't care about her either until she asked who our fave 'N SYNC-er was. First was Chris.. limited creaming. Then Joey.. a little more. JC got more than Chris and Joey 2gether... esp. since Diana nearly freaked out!! And finally was Justin (yes, she 4got Lance!!!!!) and me and more than half the audience lost it. Then, she said we better pay attention 'cuz her next song was Justin's fave. So, I really wanted 2 hear it, but Diana kept bugging me about something, so I missed half of it. Anyway, after a while, Jordan Knight came on (after 10 minutes of people going "And now... Jordan Knight!!" what did we get? His DJ!!!!!!) and he sang some songs and stuff. U know how his cd cover is in the back? Well, he was like "Have you seen my new cd? If not, BOOM!" the stage lights went on his pic in the background. Anyway... he did somemore songs while me and Diana talked about school and the 9 yr. olds copied us and stuff. We were waiting 4 "Give it to you". Finally, he said "Houston, can I give it to you?" we immediatly got on our feet and SCREAMED the entire time. Anyway, after he left, we spent 30 min. waiting for 'N SYNC. 30!! Anyway, then the screens got all fuzzy and then this guy came on saying he was holding us hostage (me & Diana thought that was really cool!!) and that there would be no more TUMH or IWYB and there were guards by all the entrances and doors 'cuz he had a broken heart and blah blah. Then it showed Johnny trying to get ahold of the guys, and a helicopter landing, and then 'N SYNC came out sliding down on ropes!! THEY WERE SOOOOOOOO HOT!!! ALL of them!! ESP Justin. Anyway they sang like everything from their album except INL, Sailing (sadly.. we wanted to see 'em fly!!) and EIO. Giddy Up was cuuuute! But, during GMHSALMTOY, right before it ended.. and Justin goes "A little more time on yoooooouuuu", u know that part? Well, before he said "yooouuuu" he stopped 4 like 5 minutes while we all went mental. The other guys were checking their watches, crossing their arms, and putting their hands on their hips. it was cute. And Justin was smiling his to-die-for smile the whoole time. Then Chris was like "Justin, whats going on? Did u forget the words.. or is this too hard for you?" and he was like "No." more screaming and smiling. and Chris said "Dude, you're just standing around, looking really stupid!" and I booed.. but Diana hit me and told me to shut up.

No one tells my baby he's stupid.. 'cuz he isn't!! Anyway, Justin looked soo heart broken. and Chris went "Dude." and Justin went "Duude." and Chris went "Duuuuude!" more screaming and smiling. Then Chris said "U know what? We'll get someone else to sing the end!!" and everyone went mental trying to get picked. But Chris picked this adorable 5 yr. old girl named Britney out of the front row and sat between Justin and Chris and Chris said "Britney, would you please tell Justin if he can finish the song?" and so she looked at him and said "Justin, can u please finish the song?" and every1 went "Awwwww!!". So Justin said "Ok, but you gotta do something for me, k?" and she nodded. "You gotta hold my hand or I'll get scared!" so she held his hand while he finished it!!! Then he kissed her forehead.. I was soooooooooooooooo jealous!! And through out the whole time, me Diana and some other girls led a "Justin! Justin!" chant. He loved it. Hehehe. Anyway, they sang to the first 10 girls who were in line 4 the concert during FTGWHE, we were jealous.. ever sooo jealous! I'm mad tho 'cuz I didn't get pix of them in the middle of the pelvic thrusts in IWYB!! And Diana missed a pic of JC shakin' his butt at the crowd in HWG. And the '60s, '70s, '80s & '90s thing was cool. We knew all of the songs!! Every last one during 'N SYNC's part of the concert, and this lady next to us kept looking at us like we were nuts!! Whatever!! And the UDMC video was sooo cute! Does anyone know what was up w/ Justin and that bowl he had??? He was cute when he raised his eyebrows!! Anyway, at the very end, they sang "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now" but didn't finish 'cuz they started running around and waving and stuff. Now, there was soooo much more, but I'll keep it short (lol!!). It was sooooooooooooooo cool!! The whole entire time, were were either singing (and changing the word "girl" to "boy" hehehe....) or SCREAMING. The whole time. Oh well. I hope I get to another again soon, 'cuz they put on the best shows EVER!!!



March 26, 1999

reviewed by Jessy

My friend Jill and I went to see *N SYNC on March 26. It was so awesome.
The night started out with Divine and Tatyana Ali openning for them. They were really great. Then Sugar Hill Gang made a surprise appearance for their 20th Anniversary. They did Rappers Delight and it was so cool. After the openning acts there was a little break. From where we were sitting we could see behind the stage. Chris and Lance came out and started waving at our section! It was so unbelievable! Eventually the guys came out. They had a great new neon openning and awesome special effects.

They did most of the songs on their album and had a ton of costume changes. One of the funniest things was when they sang "That Thing You Do" and played the instruments to go with it. They also showed the video for their European single "U Drive Me Crazy" which is totally funny, and the song is really good so if you can get it you really should. One of the best parts was a surprise during "Sailing". I'm not going to say what it was in case anyone didn't see it, and if you didn't, ask someone who did. The concert was so great. The group went to a local club after and I really wanted to go, but it took us 1 1/2 hours just to get out of the parking lot and everything. This girl I know did go though and she met Lance's sister or something. It sounded like lots of fun but I was happy just seeing them at the concert.

It was such a terrific evening!



Moline, IL (1999)

reviewed by Trisha

I went to the Moline ILL. concert and it ROCKED!!! First they all come out and sing a few songs. For the song" For The Girl Who Has Everything" they picked some people and they got to sit on stage and they sung to them. I wasn't one of them to go up there, but I could tell the girls up there loved every minute of it. So later on in the concert they would play little vidoes from the 70's 80's and 90's and after every video they would sing a song for each decade. So for the 70's they sung, "That Thing You Do" from the movie That Thing You Do, from the 80's they sang, "ABC" by Jackson 5, and then the sang"I Want You Back", from thereself. And for each decade they dressed up, and they all looked very cute.. Especally JUSTIN!!!! Then at the end they flow over the crowd for the song "Sailing" and everyone was screaming.

I really enjoyed the concert! The only bad part is they had to crank up the volume, because no one can hear them over the screaming. I totally advise everyone if they have a chance to go, TO GO. You will not regret it guanreeted. If you don't agree you can write me and tell me what you didn't like. ~~JUSTIN ALL THE WAY BABY!** Thanxs


Dallas, TX ( December 30, 1998)

reviewed by Rachel

I went to 'N Sync's concert in Dallas, Texas on 12/30/98. It was the best night of my life! We arrived there early and went to look for their tour bus, which we finally found! It's a different bus from the Disney Concert. What was so weird was, The Bronco Bowl is a bowling alley! It was a shock at first, going in there. My brother, Josh, was joking that they were going to perform in one of the alleys. But around back, was this small arena. It seated 3,100 people, so all the seats are good.

At around 7:50, the concert finally began. B*witched came out first. They were pretty good. Don't ask what songs they performed, because I don't know! I do know they did C'est La Vie. (which the single can be bought in stores) Then, Britney Spears came out and I know she performed, Born to Make You Happy, You Drive Me Crazy, ...Baby one More Time, and my favorite song by her: Sometimes. She did really well.

Finally, after waiting for a long time..(actually, it was only about 7 minutes. But hey, that was a long time to me!) 'N Sync finally came on! It was so cool, because the Stars War theme song came on, and they appeared wearing their space suits and did this kick butt (it's really the other word) dance, that was kind of robotic looking. Then, they took off their helmits. I was freaking out! I started pulling my brother's and my friends arms, screaming, That's 'N Sync! That's Justin!! Justin! My brother was a good sport and he just smiled at me. They took off the space suits and each wore a long black jacket, dark blue collared shirt, and black pants. 'N Sync performed Crazy for You, then Just Wanna Be With You.

Then, they went off stage, and came on one by one and introduced themselves. Joey first, then Chris, then JUSTIN, then JC, then Lance. They sang their Bee Gees Medley. Next, came a quick change of clothes. Justin came back on first, (wearing a baby blue shirt and black pants) and talked to us a little and began doing his beat box thing. The drummer imitated him and they had this whole big competetion. Go Justin!! Then, the others came on and I know JC was wearing a white t-shirt under a black sleeveless sweater, with black pants and a black hat. And Lance wore this silverish looking shirt, with black pants. Sorry, I don't remember what Chris and Joey were wearing. I know they all wore the same pants. Next, they performed, God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You. It was so corny. Before they sang it, Lance talked to us and told us this, "And we all know what God Must Have Spent a little More Time on all of yoooouuuuu." That cracked me up! They also did their medley of singing the latest hits. They did Will Smith's Gettin' Jiggy with it dance. And.... Justin began to dance like Usher! Oh my Gosh! He looked so good! Then, they did You Got It. They can really dance!

And then, Giddy Up. Josh got hit by JC's water gun. That made me so mad! Josh was sitting in my seat, too! We had traded, because his seat was better than my orginal one. *groan* Next, they did I Drive Myself Crazy. Chris talked to us before it, and said this song was just to cool things down. He said, he knew we were all wet, now. I remember I cried out, I'm not wet!! He also made us sing with him, then he would stop and we would sing back. To make this shorter: they did another clothes change and did, I Want You Back, which was great! I had fun screaming, YOU'RE THE ONE I WANT! YOU'RE THE ONE I NEED!Then, came Here We Go. I was on JC's side. We won!! I was screaming so loudly! Justin thought his side had won and made this big speech about it, while Chris was talking to the band. Then, he said, Our Side Had Won and Justin freaked out! I was laughing at him. Me, laughing at Justin???? Well, I was!

Justin had commented sometime during the concert, that he knew the south loved to party! Next, they did, For The Girl Who Has Everything. That was so great! They really work those chairs! If you've seen them LIVE, you know what I mean! Then, they waved goodbye, said thank you, and left. I was, impatiently, waiting for them to come back on stage. And they did!! Justin was now wearing, a baby blue sweater, with a baby blue wife beater underneath. JC wore this same black hat the whole time. Chris was wearing a black jersey, like someone wore on N The Mix. We moved even closer during this song. Justin took off the shirt and looked so good in that wife beater!

We left, while they were saying their good byes and went to see them board their tour bus. Which we did!! I was freaking out! They ran out of the building, wearing these hooded robes, waved to us, and got on the bus. Josh told us to run to the car, as fast as we could. Which was hard for me, because my toe was broken. It hurt so much to run. But, I ran anyway! I mean, it's 'N Sync! Josh was so great, that night! He hates 'N Sync, but he put up with them at the concert, doing the hand motions, when I would glare at him! And he chased their tour bus, nearly getting us killed, and breaking so many laws. At their hotel, he was cursed out by the security guard, Lonnie, maybe?? Josh was screaming at him, We're not going to shoot them or anything! He got this evil look in return! He said, we should get out his 2 paint ball guns and start shooting! And then to annoy the guard, Josh ran over the lawn to the entrance of the hotel. My friend and I ran out to the bus and stood there, while that same guard was screaming at some other people. Josh, got us to the front of the bus and we saw them!! Joey was sitting on the steps to the bus. JC was standing above him. My friend and I waved to Joey, but he would not wave back!! That pissed me off. When, they finally came off the bus, Joey just looked at us 10 or so fans and ran in the hotel. JC smiled and waved and Chris smiled and said something. When Lance came off, I cried out, HI LANCE!! He looked at me, smiled, and nodded his head. That was exciting! When, Justin came off he ignored us. That hurt a lot. My brother said, he wanted to beat the crap out of Justin, because of that. But, it's ok now. I know that they get tired, and that Justin gets scared of fans sometimes. So, I completely understand! That was my night! Hope you enjoyed reading it!



 Z95.7 Jingle Ball (12/18/98)

 reviewed by Hannah

I went to a Z95.7 Jingle Ball concert on Dec. 18th, and of course 'N SYNC was there! I couldn't believe I was actually watching them LIVE! Some of the other performers were: KAI, Voices of Theory, INOJ, Jennifer Paige, PM DAWN, 98 Degrees (Love them too!), and our very own *N SYNC! Of course they were the best! We were all very anxious to see N SYNC, that we were "booing" the rest of the performers! (Except 98) Anyway, Fernando (a guy from Z95.7) asked the audience which N SYNC member they liked the best. He mentioned every N SYNC member's name, and when he got to "Justin", he got the most scream!! (JC too, but Justin got the most) I was disappointed thought coz N SYNC only performed for 30 mins! Oh well, at least I got to see them. Justin and Lance were wearing red, I think JC was wearing blue, and Chris and Joey yellow. Justin looked SO cute! He looks MUCH better in person! They sang "Tearin' Up My Heart", "I Want You Back", "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You", "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays", and a little bit of: "Gettin' Jiggy Wid it", and "Nice and Slow". Even though they performed for 30 mins., it was the best performance I ever saw!


 MTV News 1515 (12/4 - 12/6/98)

 reviewed by Rachel

On 1515, *N Sync was interviewed once again! Actually, it was their old interview, but it was new stuff they showed. John Norris asked questions like, "What's your favorite movie?" And they answered, Lethal Weapon 4 from Chris to Armaggeddon from Joey and Lance to Something about Mary from Justin and JC. It was so cute, John asked them what they hated about themselves and JC answered he's too skinny and Justin was, like, Um....I..Don't..Know... Chris joked that Justin was perfect. I also liked when Chris said that he liked the Backstreet Boyz, not the real guys. Lance joked that his fave member of BSB was Baby Spice and JC said Brian and Justin said AJ. When they were asked, what their fave sexual turn on was, JC replied lips, Lance stomach, and Justin said, Are we using body parts? I was gonna say confidence! It was really cute! JC said that when they don't do something perfect, he has the worst temper. And to all you Joey fans out there: he said he was the only member of *N Sync that doesn't have hair on his feet! He also showed his Superman tatoo. I also liked it, when Chris was pretended to kill John. And lastly, when they were asked who would get married first, Joey said himself and the group commented on JC wouldn't "'cuz he's to picky." Justin replied, Lance would because he's just looking for someone to talk to. Anyways- I could go on and on. I hope everyone saw it! 


 House of Blues, Chicago (11/98)

 reviewed by Jessy

 I went to an *N Sync concert at the House of Blues in Chicago. It was the best experience I've ever had. They came out in long black robes. Then they did their spaceman thing. They all looked incredible, but of course Justin was beyond perfection. They sang their Bee Gee's mix. That was cool. They sang all but three of the songs on the *N Sync CD. I don't remember what they were wearing or anything because me and my two friends went back in July. They shot the audience with squirt guns and did a great job at getting the whole room involved in the concert. The guys finished up with "Tearin Up My Heart." They were completely amazing and I loved every minute of it. *N Sync is unbelievable live and for anyone who hasn't seen them in concert, definitely go soon!



Tonight Show Appearance (11/11/98)

reviewed by Melissa

I recorded the 'N SYNC performance on Jay Leno November 11. They were singing "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You" and weren't dancing around a whole lot like they were last time. They were dressed from head-to-toe in black. The song was twice as sweet, and most of them looked sooo good! Justin looked FINE! The blonde part of his hair was darker, and it was shorter. Lance did the same thing. Chris had his hair shorter and in different beads, and Joey's hair stylst looked DRUNK. I'm sorry. Remember how his hair looked last time? Well, those golden-type streaks were wider, it looked really bad. But, they were fabulous! JC looked incredible! I think Justin was wearing leather pants. Anyway, after doing an INCREDIBLE version of "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You", they talked to Jay Leno. He talked breifly about their book then put up a picture of Justin when he was like 2. He was soooooo cute! He had his curly hair and it looked like he was holding a green frog or pilliow. Everyone went "Awwww" and Jay kept going "Who is that? Who is that?" and all the girls in the audience shouted out "JUSTIN!" and Justin just laughed and said "That's cold man!". Then it showed JC's 2nd grade picture, where he was missing his two front teeth. Everyone laughed and Jay said "That's what you get for eating too many 'bobbles'" JC fell over laughing. Then Chris asked for the 'other picture' which was Jay Leno when he was a kid!! It was soo funny! I loved it!


Z104 Stars Party, Washington DC (5/9/98)

 reviewed by Ann

On Saturday May 9th at 10 pm at the Z104 Stars Party in WashingtonD.C., I FINALLY got to see *N SYNC live! At the stars party, Soap, Los Umbrellos, N Sync, Color Me Badd, and Crystal Waters performed! I was in 2nd row, and I took tonz of pics!! I had to wait for an hour and a half; then the DJs came on the stage, and one of the DJs was trying to tease us, saying that *N SYNC's performance is cancelled. That was not funny at all! They also said*N SYNC arrived wearing nothing but speedos....that woke us up, and we were exciting! The first act was two girls called "Soap" They sang "This Is How We Party" and "Stand By You". The next group was Los Umbrellos. They sang a couple of songs, but they kept having problems with the tape, and so they had to improvise.

THEN.... after that, it seemed like FOREVER: *N SYNC came on!! Joey was the first one to come and run on stage and started dancing along with the other guys! JC, Joey and Justin wore red and gray track suits and Chris and Lance's were black and gray.

They opened with a little dance routine and then the first song they sang was "Tearin' Up My Heart", and of course, the audience sang along. JC looked AMAZING as usual, Chris's hair was pulled back like on MTV Live and it was fine. Joey wore a dark blue Superman hat with a small Superman symbol on the side. Lance's front hair grew a little bit, and Justin looked the same. THEY ALL LOOKED SO GORGEOUS!!!

During the concert, all except Lance gazed at me!!! Also, when JC waved at me, I almost fainted, and when Justin laughed at me for jumping up and down and waving at him, I felt teased and "rejective" LOL

Anyway, I forgot the order of the rest of the songs , but here's what they performed: "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (Chris had the audience sing along a bit with the chorus part), The BeeGees Medley (Staying Alive, How Deep Is Your Love, and another song), Their intros and Justin did the little beat box thing while Chris sang: "When I say N you say SYNC", "Gettin' Jiggy With It" ( During this song, they kept shaking their butts!!! AAAHHH that was sooooo great!!! ), "Drive Myself Crazy", "You Got It" and finally "I Want You Back". JC did the intro to "I Want You Back", said hi to his brother, and his friends who were in the audience. Then they had everyone sing along with them and it was over. Justin and Chris were over in the corner of the stage closest to me and Joey came over a lot too during "You Got it". It was hard to see anyone else.

Anyway, after the show was over, Justin said "good night" and "bye". The concert was way cool and seemed to be very quick!!! *N SYNC put one great, amusing, hot show!! If you get the chance RUN!!!don't walk to see them!!!



 Disney Channel appearance (7/18/98)

reviewd by Rachel

'N SYNC's performance on the Disney Channel was great! They looked great and sounded great,too! They performed most of the songs from their album, except "Drive Myself Crazy,"" Everything I Own","For the Girl Who has Everything", and "I Need Love." My personal favorite song they sang was, "God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You" I loved how Justin looked in his jacket and I thought JC looked really cute. Chris was wearing his army over-alls, Lance, his jeans, and Joey his cool purple pants. I liked how, they showed them talking, about all the stuff they liked to do and about each other. Did anyone else notice how they seemed to go off key once in a while, while they were singing? (um..Justin!) But, hey- no complaints here! That's all I have to say and I hope everyone got to see their concert!


Tonight Show appearance (9/10/98)

reviewd by Rachel

'N Sync performed on The Tonight Show September 10th. Of course, they were the last guests on that show, so I had to watch Callista Flockhart and Ian Michael Smith talk to Jay, which was all right. Finally, 'N Sync came on singing, "Tearin' up my Heart," which sounded really good! They all wore the same jackets, but different colors, with different shirts underneath. It ranged from collared on Chris, Lance, and Joey to white tanktops or so called wife-beaters on Justin and JC. They also had on baggy, khaki-colored pants and white sneakers. I thought Joey looked cute. Justin wasn't wearing his hoop earrings, just small studs, with his 'N SYNC necklace. His hair was different from the Disney concert, more puffy and thick and also darker in color. The group had added more dance moves, also from their concert, which looked so good. Man, can they dance. After, they performed, JC tried to teach Jay how to do one of the dance moves. It was funny. Overall, it was great and I hope everyone got to see it!


ABC's TGIF appearance (9/25/98)

reviewed by Rachel

I watched 'N SYNC on TGIF and I'm sure many other people did, too. I was a little disappointed. I think, they should have shown more of 'N SYNC and less of the cast members of the shows. That's just my opinion. At the end, I wish they showed the whole performance. I did like, what I did see of them, though. Justin looked good as always, especially with those glasses! JC looked exceptionally cute with that collared shirt and sweater, too! Does Chris wear over-alls a lot, or does it just seem like that? They sounded good and looked good overall. And that's all I have to say!

The View (9/28/98)

reviewed by Rachel

'N Sync was on, "The View" September 28th. They looked awesome, wearing matching outfits as they performed,"Tearin' up my Heart!" Justin looked so natural and cute. And of course, he wore his necklace and stud earrings! All of them had on tight, black tanktops underneath their suits and they wore matching shoes. After, their song, which was performed with a tape, Justin told everyone about some crazy things fans had done for them. It was funny. After, being complimented by everyone and a girl annoucing her love to Chris, they went to a commercial break. Can you also imagine Barbara Watlers moving with the music of their song? WOW! That's the last you saw of them. It was pretty cool, but as always I wish talk shows would sit down and talk with them! And that's my review for "The View!"

Total Request Live (9/28/98)

reviewed by Rachel

'N Sync was on Total Request Live on September 28, 1998. It was really cool and I enjoyed watching it. They performed,"Tearin' up my Heart" live. Can you say, WOW? JC was wearing his orange shirt and black sweather and Justin, his Tommy, red shirt. What no blue?!!! He was wearing those to die for glasses, again! Chris wore over-alls and his hair was in pigtails. It was cute! Joey wore his leather jacket (I like his new look!) and Lance wore a navy jacket and khakis. After, the countdown was 'N SYNC TV, which was great! They answered all these questions and these 3 girls were battling over who's the biggest 'N Sync fan! They were the ones that said they were the biggest fans, which a lot of people think they are! But they were asked the easiest questions about the group and they missed them! What's Justin's middle name? Randall Where was their debut album first released, Germany! What's Lance's fave cartoon character, the Tasmania Devil. What true 'N SYNC fan does not know these answers? The winner got sung to by the group, by my fave song ever, "God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You!" Lucky! I loved watching it! I hope everyone saw it!

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