Nathan Bexton

name: Nathan Bexton
born: in British Columbia
lives: in LA with roomie, James Duval
status: grilfriend, Pina
pets: a cat named Princess Leia Lucky Buttons

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  • Nowhere (1997) Montgomery
  • "ER" (TV guest appearance) (1997)
  • "Profiler" (TV guest appearance) (1998)
  • Go! (1999) Mannie
  • Children of the Corn 666 (1999)
  • Play Dead (1999) Dale Spitler
  • Psycho Beach Party (2000) TJ
  • The In Crowd (2000) Bobby

comments: Nathan Bexton made his film debut in last year's new Greg Araki movie, Nowhere. For a man who claims to be as straight as an arrow, Araki sure does populate his films with beautiful guys, and gay themes! Look at Nowhere: Ryan Phillippe, Jeremy Jordan, the Brewer twins and newcomer, Nathan Bexton, all in one film. Araki apparently discovered Nathan in Bakersfield, CA. Nathan plays the lead's friend and admirer who gets taken over by aliens and ends up exploding all over the place in the final scene. Nathan brings a quiet sensitivity to the role, and we hope we see a lot more of this guy in the future, and not just in Greg Araki movies, either! Nathan can be seen currently in an episode of "Profiler". And he was in Go! with James Duval, Scott Wolf, Katie Holmes, Breckin Meyer and Taye Diggs. Up next: The In Crowd!


  • a Nathan Bexton fan page




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