Ryan Bittle


name: Ryan James Bittle
born: March 21, 1976
lives in: La Crescenta, CA (near LA)
family: parents, Cathy and Jim; brothers Ronnie (19) and Jeff (32)
stats: 6'0" / 160# / blonde hair, blue eyes
hobbies: water polo, swimming, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, baseball, volleyball, rollerblading, hackeysack, weightlifting, waterski, golf and tennis
trivia: Ryan has done some modeling, appearing in "Vogue"; rumored to be dating Bridget Flanery (Lila Flower in "Sweet Valley High")

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  • "Sweet Valley High" (1994 - 1996) (TV series) Todd Wilkens
  • "Making Out" (1995) (TV)
  • "The Parenthood" (1996) (TV guest appearance)
  • "Boy Meets World" (1996) (TV guest appearance)
  • "7th Heaven" (1996 - ) (TV series)
  • "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (TV guest appearance) (1997) Mitch
  • Tear It Down (1997)
  • The Clown At Midnight (1998)
  • Dearly Devoted (1998) Greg Straffer


fave movie: Pulp Fiction
fave TV show: "Seinfeld"
fave book: "Moby Dick"
fave actor: Tommy Lee Jones, Val Kilmer
fave band: Jane's Addiction

comments: Sexy Ryan was quite frankly the only reason to tune in to the otherwise vapid syndicated comedy series "Sweet Valley High". He didn't have much to work with on the show, but he's so darn cute, we didn't mind watching him go through the motions. We have a feeling somewhere there's a great actor in the makings here! Currently, Ryan had a small role as the eldest daughter's boyfriend in "7th Heaven", the new and fairly good series. Ryan needs more work! Look for Ryan this fall alongside Tatyana Ali, James Duval, Sarah Lassez and JP Grimard in The Clown At Midnight. And also look for Ryan this year in Dearly Devoted, about a teenage girl who takes revenge on her teacher.

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