Brendan Fletcher


name: Brendan Fletcher
1981 on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

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  • Little Criminals (1995) Des
  • Dead Ahead (1996) Doug Loch
  • "The Adventures of Shirley Holmes" (TV series) Sterling
  • "Trucks" (TV) (1997) Logan
  • "High Stakes" (TV) (1997)
  • "Keeping the Promise" (TV) (1997) Matt Hallowell
  • "Contagious" (TV) (1997) Brian
  • Air Bud (1997) Larry Willingham
  • Summer's End (1998) Hunter Baldwin
  • Floating Away (1998)
  • "Tourist Trap" (TV) (1998)
  • "Nothing Sacred" (TV guest appearance) (1998)
  • "Millenium" (TV guest appearance) (1998) Alex Hanes
  • Rollercoaster (1999) Stick
  • My Father's Angel (1999) Vlada
  • Jimmy Zip (1999) Jimmy Zip
  • The Five Senses (1999) Rupert
  • "Family Blessings" (TV) (1999)Joey Reston
  • "Caitlan's Way" (TV series) (2000) Eric

comments: Canadian actor, Brendan Fletcher has been at his craft for all of 4 years. His first role was in the CBC production of Little Criminals, which earned him a Leo Award and a Gemini Award nomination. Since then he's moved back and forth across the US/Canadian border, with roles in both US and Canadian films and TV films. He played in thew first Air Bud film. He recently starred as the lead in an independant American film, Jimmy Zip, was part of an ensemble cast in The Five Senses. He recently received the 1999 YTV Achievement Award for a very prolific year from the Canadian national youth broadcasters. Keep an eye on this rising star!



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