Lukas Haas


name: Lukas Haas
born: April 16, 1976
family: mother is Emily Tracy

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    • Testament (1983) Scottie Wetherly
    • "Love Thy Neighbor" (1984) (TV) Bobby
    • Witness (1985) Samuel
    • Solarbabies (1986) Daniel
    • "Shattered Spirits" (1986) (TV) Brian
    • The Wizard of Loneliness (1988) Wendall
    • Lady in White (1988) Frankie Scarlatti
    • See You in the Morning (1989) Petey
    • "The Ryan White Story" (1989) (TV) Ryan White
    • Music Box (1990) Mikey Talbot
    • Convicts (1990) Horace Robedaux
    • Rambling Rose (1991) Buddy
    • "The Perfect Tribute (1991) (TV) Benjamin Blair
    • Leap of Faith (1992) Boyd
    • Alan and Naomi (1992) Alan Silverman
    • Warrior Spirit (1994) Rod Elliot
    • Mars Attacks! (1996) Richie Norris
    • Everyone Says I Love You (1996)
    • Boys (1996) John Baker Jr
    • Johns (1997) Donner
    • The Thin Red Line (1998) (scenes deleted)
    • In Quiet Night (1998) Russell
    • "David and Lisa" (TV) (1998) David
    • Kiss and Tell (1999)
    • Breakfast of Champions (1999) Bunny Hoover
    • Running Free (2000) voice of Lucky

comments: Lukas Haas was groomed for show business from a early age. At 6 he played the youngest of the children in Testament. At 8 the world took notice of his performance as the little Amish boy who sees a murder in Witness. He was nominated for an Emmy for his role as Ryan White in "The Ryan White Story". As a teen he's played opposite Jessica Lange in Music Box, and Steve Martin in Leap of Faith. He's even done some Broadway, playing opposite Steve Martin again, and F. Murray Abraham in Beckett's "Waiting For Godot". His latest romps show he's not a little boy anymore, he's growing up into quite a hunk. He starred opposite Winona Rider in Boys, and he starred in the little seen Johns, where he played a male prostitute. Little Lukas has grown up! Catch him currently in an adaptation of the Kurt Vonnegut penned Breakfast of Champions., out on video; and as the voice of the horse, Lucky, in the quaint Running Free, now in theaters.

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