Joe McIntyre
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Boston Music Awards
Boston, MA

 reviewed by Christina

I got there at 7:00 got the tix and went in. My seats weren't that great like I thought, they were in the center but who cares I had binoculars and...oh well you'll see. So it was me Mum and Dad and me and Mum got something to eat and kinda walked around. Then I finally got her to wait at the doors and in the lobby w/ me for Joe. Because a lot of the "celebs" were coming in and stuff just thru the reg. doors. So we were waiting there for like a half hour, all the while standing next to an older man with no hair probably in his 70's with street clothes on. Well we were talking to some people we knew and just schmoozing and waiting. Then my Mum turns to me and says "I have this weird feeling in my stomach, like I don't know Joe that well this guy next to me his Dad ya think?" I said "no" because I've seen pics of him. So she says "excuse me are you Joe McIntyre's Dad" and he says "no....I'm his uncle, Richard". OMIGOD.

But we were skeptical b/c why would he be there alone ya know, so early obviously waiting for Joe? So my Mum was talking to him and he was saying how Joe was already there and getting ready. But we stayed watching anyway. Meanwhile my Mum is chatting up a storm w/ him for like a half hour! They talked about his summer home on the Cape and Taunton and his job. Then I said "Is the rest of the family coming? Is Nina here today?" he says "I wouldn't know about her, I don't know".

So they keep talking about stuff. He has Joe's humor all the way, that's part of the reason we didn't think he was for real at first. But he pointed out Mrs. McIntyre and some people. Then I see Joe's Dad outside (b/c I was peeping thru the doors) and so I thought that's his brother then they should talk. It took his Dad a while to come in and then Uncle Dick (as the family calls him) goes over and shakes his hand and they're all talking and stuff. So I'm like freaking out b/c I knew that I wasn't gonna really get to meet Joe but I was hoping to chat w/ some fam. members, ya know, just as cool! His uncle was looking at us he didn't mind if we came over b/c he knew I was a fan. So after a while ( no one was recognizing them) my Mum goes over and puts out her hand and says "Hi I'm Joan and my daughter is a big fan of Joe McIntyre's" (or something like that). Then I come over and he puts out his hand and says "Hi I'm Tom McIntyre". I was so overcome w/ emotion for some reason, my eyes were filling up I could hardly talk, Joe has his Dad's eyes, to a tee, just as blue as Joe's that's what made it so weird. Then he says "What's your name?" I said "Christina". He says "Where ya from Christina?" I said "Taunton".

Then my Mum says "She couldn't have picked a better role model, he's a wonderful man." Then Mr. McIntyre says "Oh well he's one of a kind, a good boy." (or something like that). Then the show started so my Mum (not wanting to bother them too much) says "well the shows starting and we came here to see Joe. It was nice meeting you." Then we left them, meanwhile I was crying after I left I was freaked out. So, then the presenter got up for Joe's category and she read the nominees and I clapped so loud I was one of few people who stood up and screamed (little did I know the local news reporter was sitting a row behind me, taking notes on the show!). Then they announced his name and I freaked, I mean I hoped he would win but none of us really woulda been too surprised if he hadn't simply b/c the single was so new only like a month and he was nominated! Well he makes his way up his hair is neat (!) and he's wearing an awesome shiny blue suit and white shirt, not like Austin Powers blue but a nice shade for his eyes. He accepted it thanking the fans and the radio for helping him and he talked about the web site and his record company, he didn't thank anyone unusual, but a good speech, very classy, a lot of the other people's jokes and remarks weren't, that's for sure.

Then a little later on, some presenters said "Omigod I just saw Joe McIntyre in the bathroom, I didnt' mean to walk in on him." Everyone was like ha ha ha, but I didn't get it, I think it was supposed to be a dirty joke or something but I thought it was tasteless b/c Joe was just about to perform and it was not really respectful. So then he comes out wearing a white untucked collared shirt and BLACK LEATHER PANTS (ahhhhh, j/k). He's got his 2 backup girls (which I saw in the lobby but decided not to bug) and a black guy and like a drummer and a keyboardist I think, correct me if I'm wrong, he was trying to keep the instruments to a minimum. Just after he started my Mum's like "go to the front". I was like "what?". She's like "Yeah just walk down the aisle, look at him and come back". So we left down the aisle (a couple girls did also) and I crouched between the 2 major sections ya know the horizontal aisle dividing the sections?

Well the lady comes and says "you can't be here" so the people left then she adds "at least you have to sit I guess", so I just sat in the nearest seat that wasn't occupied except for a suit jacket. Fortunately the guy was real nice and he let me stay. I was so close he looked awesome, he hit all the high notes, clear as a bell, he didn't duck out of any of them even the "heyyyyyyy" one. Ya know how he substituted it for a lower note on Regis and stuff? Well then I grabbed my Mum and Dad and we went down looking for Joe! It was so crowded in the lobby full of the winners and press people and such. I saw his uncle again and an aunt and the backup girl but no Joe. I think he left the back way, his aunt was looking for him and I stuck around til she left, so...I dunno he probably knew he couldn't just waltz along like the other winners, he was more popular. But as I was walking around I kept hearing his name (ya know how you catch conversation snipits?) and people were making fun of him!! So bad!! I was p.o.ed. I heard "were are all his little girl posse's" and things like that his name was obviously the hot topic! Even the host said after Joe had performed something like "now go backto your desks recess is over" what a bunch of jerks! Ya know what? They are so jealous, b/c Joe is nice and classy and a big success and some of them were so crude. Like the hosts opening number was Sonny and Cher singing, but Sonny came out in a casket. Now that's just bad taste. They had these little programs and there's a page for Joe that says "Wherever he goes his talent is recognized. "Stay the Same" nominated for Song of the Year, at the Kahlua Boston Music Awards.

Congratulations from your friends and fans at C2 and the Columbia Records Group." And when you left there were 3 guys, 2 w/ flyers advertising Joe's summer MA tour shows and another guy passing out like sample CD's of other music (but it was Columbia artists, so I guess Columbia was there for Joe, if you ask me Interscope could take some pointers from C2, they are real supportive of Joe, in my opinion) So that's my story, got to meet Mr. Mac, but no Joe unfortunately.


Public Appearance
Framingham, MA

 reviewed by Christina

I got there at 1:30 for a 3:00pm signing with my friend. We waited in line for 2 hours. The KIIS 108 van came at about 2:00pm and played his Cd for us. They took us into the store in groups of 25. Then you had to form a line down 2 of the aisles before you got to go by him. His family was there neices including the one in his video (the girl blowing out the candles in the cake), nephews, godson, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and both parents. Here's my experience. I walked up to him with my CD cover and handed it to him. As he was signing I leaned over so he could hear and said "I have a present for you". When he was done he looked up and I handed him it. The present was a drawing I had made of him, in fact the very pictures that is on his page! My favorite. It was framed and pretty good if I do say so myself, but I don't need to because listen to what he did next. He said really slowly "that is beautiful" and he looked it over for a while and smiled big at me, and yes his eyes really are that blue. Then I had to get moving because of the line but as I left and my friend came up next he had it next to him and was still looking occasionally. I felt extremely proud! Some other details? Well he had a body guard right next to him of course. Other gifts he had included a shadow box frame and tons of flowers. He stayed until everyone had come by. At one point his sister held up his godson and said "This is Joe's godson" and everyone said "awe". He was wearing a black shirt, a chunky bracelet, and black slacks. He arrived in a black limo and he was really happy to see all his family.

live concert review
Providence, RI

 reviewed by Christina

After an hour drive to Providence, RI and a two and a half hour wait in the cold mist outside Big Daddy's I finally got in to the Joey McIntyre concert. My friend, Jasmine and I raced to the closest area around the stage, watching as the small night club filled with 20-somethings, and younger girls with their parents. Within a few minutes we were crammed together and people were already vying for places closer to the stage. It was a while before Joey's opening act, React (two tall, dark and handsome guys) came out to pump up the already maniacal girls. After about 4 upbeat songs and a sweet ballad (not that anyone could hear over the screams, however) they were off and the crowd was again chanting "Joey, Joey...".

After about a half hour, Davy Morris of 92ProFM introduced Joe and he was finally out, in a most casual jeans ensemble. For the first half he was jumping around and gyrating his hips better than Elvis, but it certainly set the mood for the rest of the show. Then he ripped off his denim shirt exposing a sexy white tee. He topped off the outfit with a white cowboy hat commenting on how much emotion a hat can evoke, which it certainly did. He made a point of getting close to the crowd by walking to the edge of the stage, hands out, tempting the girls' moralality with provocative dance moves. I'm extremely proud to say that I touched him twice, once on the knee (hey, that was all I could reach) and I held his hand. Sure, I practically cracked a rib and almost swallowed a girl's ponytail to get close to him, because, unfortunately, everyone jammed forward to a frightening level, but it was well worth it. Unless your a huge Joey fan you can't possibly grasp how much I will treasure that moment! Another highlight was his brief NKOTB tribute where he and the crowd sang "You got it (The Right Stuff)" and, perhaps, for the last time we witnessed the infamous dance in the video. Then he changed into black leather pants and a shimmery black shirt and the show continued as he danced around barefoot. Last but not least he sang "Stay the Same", his latest single, only to be called back on stage for one last uptempo song.

All songs were from his forthcoming album "Stay the Same" except several spoofs of Alanis Morisette, the Jackson 5, and several other artists. His band consisted of two female backup singers and 5 instrumentalists. There were two T-shirt styles and posters for sale also. I left with tons of great pictures, as did most girls, including several close-ups. Overall, I loved the intimacy of the relatively small crowd, many of which had been to all 3 previous concerts. I don't regret waiting so long or the cramped conditions, I just hope he comes back soon.


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