Kirk Nicklaus


name: Kirk Nicklaus
born: June 23, 1981
living: currently in California
family: a half brothers, and a half sister; and a foster brother
trivia: plays all sports, especially baseball, football, basketball and soccer


  • Harley White Trash (1998) Peter Bixby
  • "Reform School" (TV pilot) (1998)

comments: Kirk Nicklaus has always wanted to be in show business. "My parents thought I was crazy, because we don't even live anywhere near Hollywood," says gorgeous Kirk. "My grandpa believed I could do it, though, and so he became my first manager... and he drives me all the way into Hollywood every time I get an audition." And it was during acting classes that he met and signed with a high powered talent agent. Kirk makes his film debut in Harley White Trash (December '98 release date), a small indie film from Eagle Wing Filmworks. He plays central character "Bix," a part that had originally been cut from the script... until Kirk showed up. The results are simply fantastic. Kirk just completed a major network sitcom pilot called "Reform School". We'll see if it gets picked up. Hopefully, more doors will open for the talented Kirk!


Exclusive June '98

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