Macaulay Culkin


name: Macaulay Culkin
born: August 26, 1980 in New York, NY
family: parents, Kit and Patricia; siblings, Christian, Rory, Quinn, Kieran, Shane and Dakota
status: seperated from wife, Rachel Miner
education: attended Professional Children's School of NY
trivia: he was named after British Historian Thomas Babington Macaulay; he's friends with actors Elijah Wood, Christina Ricci and Michael Jackson

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  • Rocket Gibraltar (1988) Cy Blue Black
  • "The Equalizer" (1988) (TV guest appearance) Paul Gephardt
  • Uncle Buck (1989) Miles Russell
  • See You in the Morning (1989) Billy Livingstone
  • Home Alone (1990) Kevin McCallister
  • Jacob's Ladder (1990) Gabe
  • Only the Lonely (1991) Billy
  • My Girl (1991) Thomas J. Sennett
  • Black or White (1991) Kid
  • "Wish Kid" (1991) (TV series) Nicholas McClary (voice)
  • Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992) Kevin McCallister
  • The Good Son (1993) Henry
  • The Nutcracker (1993) The Nutcracker
  • The Pagemaster (1994) Richard Tyler
  • Richie Rich (1994) Richie Rich
  • Getting Even with Dad (1994) Timmy Gleason
  • "Fraiser" (1994) (TV guest appearance) Elliott (voice)

comments: Cute little Macaulay could perhaps be the poster boy for how not to raise a talented kid and push him into show business. Or maybe his parents should be on that poster. His fight with his parents is well documented, and poor Macaulay had a wonderful run as a child actor, with his best being such films as Home Alone and My Girl. But then all the bad stuff at home was in full swing and Macaulay wasn't the cute little kid anymore. His career came to an abrupt halt when he was 14. Rumors and press reports had him in a variety of bad situations. But Mac rebounded and married actress Rachel Miner (although that has since led to a seperation). We're not sure what he's up to at the moment, but we wish him well. And may we suggest: a return to acting, Mac? You're your own man now, why not give it a shot. This time you can make your own decisions.

Latest News:

  • Mac is reported to be returning to acting after a several years long absence. He will appear in a play.


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