April 2000:

Another featured film we think you might want to see!

This month, it's Devon Sawa's latest:
Final Destination




Final Destination (2000)
Directed by James Wong 

cast :

Devon Sawa ... Alex Browning
Ali Larter ... Clear Rivers
Kerr Smith ... Carter Horton
Kristen Cloke... Valerie Lewton
Daniel Roebuck ... Agent Weine
Roger Guenveur Smith ... Agent Schreck
Chad Donella ... Tod Waggner
Seann William Scott ... Billy Hitchcock
Tony Todd ... Bludworth
Amanda Detmer ... Terry Chaney
Brendan Fehr ... George
Mark Holden ... Co-pilot

Written by Jeffrey Reddick and Glen Morgan
Rated R
Final Destination (2000) reviewed by Christopher Dellea
What would happen if you tried to cheat death? Would you win in the end or would death conquer all? These questions are examined in Final Destination, a new film starring teen heartthrob Devon Sawa and Dawson Creek's Kerr Smith.




Alex (Sawa) and his high school French class are on their way to France. Alex has a dream that the airplane is going to crash and they all are going to die. When he wakes up from his dream, the event of his premonition happens. He freaks out and tells everyone to get off the plane. This causes a physical confrontation between Sawa and Smith, which slowly brings four more students (American Pie's Seann William Scott; Chad E. Donella; Ali Later and Amanda Detmer) and their teacher (Kristen Cloke) off the airplane. After a shoving match and much yelling, the plane explodes right in the air.



What follows next is an exciting and spine-tingling, edge of your seat journey. Death does win but it is who is next and how they die which makes viewing this movie so pleasurable. With exceptional and believable performances by Sawa, Smith, Larter, Scott and Cloke, Final Destination is a must see.

If anyone thinks they are invinciable or can cheat death, they must go see this clever film. It will make them think twice.

Grade: A-

Rated R for violence and language


Check out more on the movie at the official website.



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