Aaron Jackson


name: Aaron Neil Jackson
born: June 26, 1973 in Pittsburgh, PA
family: 2 older sisters
trivia: loves riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle; enjoys roller-skating, ice-skating, hiking, traveling, and spending time with his father and friends; loves watching English soccer (especially Manchester United)
weirdest part: playing the rear end of a horse in a grocery store commercial


  • Lorenzo's Oil (1992) Francesco Odone
  • Bob Roberts (1993)
  • "California Dreams" (TV series) (1994 - 1996) Mark Winkle
  • Children of the Corn V: Field of Terror (1998) Zane
  • "Silk Stockings" (1998) (TV guest appearance)
  • Autumn Winds (1999) John
  • Wicked Spring (2000)

comments: Aaron Jackson played Michael Cade's cousin on the hit show "California Dreams". Not bad in a not-very-demanding role, Aaron has also appeared in several theatrical productions, including "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" and Guys and Dolls"; as well as in a few feature films, including Lorenzo's Oil and Bob Roberts. Aaron studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Studio Ltd. in London. He's a real babe too. We hope he gets a few more serious roles to show off that major talent he seems to have along with those looks! Look for Aaron in the upcoming fifth installment of the Children of the Corn series; and he appeared in Autumn Winds, a "mythological thriller" which takes on the issues of racism and Native American heritage. Aaron plays John, whose best friend's relationship with a Native woman brings out his narrow minded racist views. Aaron confides that it will be a challenging role for him. Aaron's father Zeke, who he has a great relationship with, will also have a speaking part in the film. He also appeared in a film called Wicked Spring.

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