Ryan Clark


name: Ryan James Clark
born: April 9, 1983 in Sydney, NSW, Australia
family: older brother (a surfer) and sister; younger sister
hobbies: rugby, surfing (he placed 2nd in a junior surfing competition last year), skateboarding
education: he has a on-set tutor when shooting "Home and Away"


  • "Home and Away" (1991 - 2000) Sam Nicholls/Marshall
  • Our Lips Are Sealed (2000)

comments: Another Aussie hunk, what is it with that contenant anyway? Meet Ryan, who started on "Home and Away", the excellent Aussie series, at the tender age of 8. He enjoys most sports, except soccer, which he hates. (Funny, his charcter, Sam, seems pretty good at it!) Ryan also loves to play rugby, managing to break his ankle at a match, causing the scriptwriters to have to include crutches into the show's plot for a few weeks. If you can, check out this gorgeous Aussie. He's amazing. Currently: he's filming Our Lips Are Sealed with the Olsen twins in Sydney.

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Latest News:

  • Ryan filmed his last episode of "Home and Away" on Feb 9, 2000. He played Sam for 9 years and 2 days. He will continue his surfing and says he hopes his character will come back again.


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