name: Mark Althaven Andrews
born: November 9, 1978 in Baltimore, MD
aka: Sisqo aka Dru Nasty aka The Golden Child aka The Dragon
family: a daughter, Sherone(5)
drives: Mercedes Benx 600 Coup

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  • Unleash the Dragon (CD) (1999)
  • Thong Song (single) (2000)
  • Incomplete (single) (2000)
  • Getting Over Allison (2001) Dennis

comments: Sisqo started out making fudge with 3 other guys you may know. They go by the names Nokio, Woody and Jazz. One day, while singing during work to pass the time, they were offered a record contract. It was all uphill from there, and America was introduced to Dru Hill. The group Dru Hill, named after a park in Baltimore named Druid Hill, released 2 albums - Dru Hill, and Enter the Dru - before this group hit a bump in the road. Woody decided he wanted to pursue another form of music: gospel. So, not wanting to dissapoint their many fans, Dru Hill formed what is now known as "The Dru World Order"- each member would release a solo album, and then come back as Dru Hill to record one last album. Sisqo went first, and created the summer smash hit "The Thong Song". By the way it looks now, The Dru World Order is a sucess in the making. Look for Sisqo next year alongside Kirsten Dunst in the comedy Getting Over Allison, now filming in Toronto.

Latest News:

  • Sisqo won Best Song of the Year Hip Hop/Rhythmic category and Radio Party Song of the Year for "Thong Song" at the Radio Music Awards recently in Las Vegas.

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fave color: lime green and royal blue
fave food: Itaian, fried chicken
fave movie: Bad Boys
fave actor: Bruce Willis
fave actress: Jade Pinket
fave plce to visit: The Mall
fave singer (male): R. Kelly
fave singer (female): Faith
fave song: "Cry 4 You"
fave group: Jodeci


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