Zbych Trofimiuk


name: Zbych Krzysztof Trofimiuk
born: April 7, 1979 in Warsaw, Poland (now lives in Melbourne, Australia in a house with his father)
star sign: Aries
stats: 1m74 tall, 138 pounds, darkblond hair, greyish green eyes
trivia: loves skiing, horseback riding, and karate (brown belt)


    • "Sky-Trackers" (1994) (Australian TV series) Mike Masters
    • "Spellbinder" (1995) (Australian/Polish TV series) Paul Reynolds

comments: Polish-born Australian Zbych stared in The Disney Channel's "Spellbinder". In addition to watching Zbych, the show is pretty fun to watch. Zbych is great, of course. He won the 1994 Australian Film Institute Young Actors Award for the lead role in "Skytrackers". We're glad we get a chance to watch this cutie in action! More Zbych, more!

contact: Zbych Trofimiuk, c/- Aaron Michael, Barry Michael Agents, 14a Nelson St., St Kilda East, Melbourne, Vic 3183, Australia

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The Latest from Zbych:

Adopt-a-Star member Tom recently spoke to Zbych. Here's a transcript of their conversation:

T: 'How did you like acting in Spellbinder?'
Zbych: 'Good. Quite enjoying'.
T: 'You were working with Polish actors too. Did you speak Polish to them behind the scenes?'
Zbych: 'Yes.'
T: 'What's your favourite scene in Spellbinder?'
Zbych: 'I don't know. That was five years ago.'
T: 'Which actor from Spellbinder do you prefer to play with?'
Zbych: 'Heather Mitchell and Rafal' (Zwierz).
T: 'Are you going to act in the future?'
Zbych: 'Yeah'.



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