Bryan White


name: Bryan Shelton White
born: February 17, 1974 in Lawton, OK
family: father, Bud; mother, Anita; brother, Daniel
currently: engaged to Erika Page

stats: 5' 9", 165 lbs
trivia: Bryan collects 3 Stooges memorabilia; loves Mexican food; the first song he learned to play was "Stand By Me"
hobbies: fishing and watching movies

plays: guitar and drums (he started palying drums at age 5)
influences: his parents; Steve Wariner, Bonnie Raitt, Charlie Rich

fave food: Southern
fave snack: fresh fruits, rice cakes
fave drink: Coke
fave country singer: Steve Wariner
fave pop singer: Bryan Adams
fave song: "Behind Closed Doors"
fave song he wrote: "Call Me Crazy"
fave songwriter: Mac McAnally
fave ice cream: chocolate chip
fave color: Hunter Green
fave shoes: Nike
fave football team: Dallas Cowboys

never leaves homewithout it: Chapstick

favorite idols: Stevie Wonder, The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, Chicago, and Vice Gill

(click on title to purchase)

  • Bryan White (CD) (1994)
  • Between Now and Forever (CD) (1996)
  • The Right Place (CD) (1997)
  • How Lucky I Am (CD) (1999)

comments: You don't have to like country western music to appreciate Bryan White. But it doesn't hurt. Born in Lawton, Oklahoma, this gorgeous and gentle southern boy has been topping the country charts for a while now, and leaving the girls screaming for more along the way. His debut album, the self-titled "Bryan White" hit the country scene like a tornado rolling across Oklahoma. At last someone to give the younger crowd something to scream about with lyrical ballads and rocking tunes Bryan hit the road and left a trail all across America. Popular and talented, Bryan is a star with a heart by all reports, and his fans are legion and loyal. Check him out, even if you don't like country, he's still fun and carries a mean tune on that little ole guitar.


The Bryan White Fan Club (membership = $15 US)
P.O. Box 120162
Nashville, TN 37212

Latest News:

  • Greatest Hits: Bryan's Greatest Hits CD is due for release soon, with a few new songs added. Look for it in stores before summer's out.



  • The Official Bryan White website



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