Geoffrey Wigdor


name: Geoffrey Wigdor
born: January 23, 1982 in New York City
lives in: Manhatten
attends: a high school in NYC
family: parents, Fred and Karen
trivia: Geoff enjoys playing basketball, hanging with friends, going to parties, meeting girls, and being a normal teenager; he's said that every once in a while he wishes he had a sibling, but doesn't get bummed about it; he also stays in touch with pals Brad Renfro, Joe Perrino and Jonathan Tucker; he got his start in commercials at age 6.
commercials he's been in: Pringles, Chef Boyardee, Capt'n Crunch

fave band: Red Hot Chilli Peppers
fave movie: Back to the Future
fave basketball team: New York Knicks

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    • My Summer Story (1994) Flick
    • "Loving" (TV soap opera) (199?)
    • "The Babysitters Club" (TV) (199?)
    • "The Cosby Mysteries" (TV) (199?)
    • Sleepers (1996) Young John
    • "One Life To Live" (TV soap opera) (1997 - ) Eli Trager
    • In Dreams (1999)

comments: Seventeen year old Geoffrey Wigdor displayed a great deal of natural talent in his performance in Sleepers. No small feat considering the quality of the other actors he was cast with and the intensity of the roles. Geoff made his film debut in My Summer Story, and has been a regular on the soap "Loving". But it's his work in Sleepers that is getting this talented young hunk noticed. Currently he can be seen on the soap "One Life To Live", playing Eli Trager, a fatherless and recently motherless HIV-positive teenager. In his spare time Geoffrey loves to play basketball, and he's the point guard on his high school team. When going out on auditions he tells people to make the appointments either after practice or on a day he doesn't have a game, siting his commitment to the team and how important it is to him personally. Geoff attends a normal high school in NYC where acting is not a priority; he confesses that he doesn't like school plays, so he tries to stay away from them. Fortunately, he does have some time to keep acting. Look for him next in In Dreams, release date January, 1999.

Geoff on girls: he says that he is a very loving and affectionate guy and tries to be very sweet to the girls on Valentine's Day, giving them cards and stuff like that. Way to go Geoff! Please note: he's single and loves to flirt with the girls. (Now doesn't he just sound like the kinda guy you'd love to meet!?)

Geoff's message to fans: "Always stay real to yourself and take things one day at a time. Always try to find the good thing."

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