Erik Austin


name: Erik Austin
born: February 8, 1982 in Columbia Heights, MN
lives in: North Hollywood, CA
school: North Hollywood High (he's a senior)
family: parents, Doug and Heidi; siblings, Brett (15) and Brittany (13)


  • "Party of Five" (TV guest apearance) (1999)
  • "Party of Five" (TV guest apearance) (2000)
  • "Days of Our Lives" (TV guest apearance) (2000)

comments: Ok, so we know absolutely nothing about this guy, buy isn't he cute? Apparently he has his big break with a guest shot on "Party of Five". His epsiode ran April 14th, and he appears on "Days of Our Lives" June 1st. Ok, so, more Erik, please.


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updated 6.26.00


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