Paige at Wango Tango

Last month, Noah Bastian Adopt-a-Star member, Paige, attended Wango Tango at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Also there were members of 2gether, 'N SYNC, Sugar Ray, Jessica Simpson, Hanson and more!

Here is her account of her time there:

Wango Tango was awesome. We got there at about 12:30 , thinking that would be early but even so, there were bunches of people lining up at every entrance into Dodger stadium. The party started off promptly at 2:00 with Bosohn who sang "Where are You." The song is pretty good, but when he spoke, it was very difficult to understand him since he had such a thick Swedish accent. Other opening performers were Eiffel 65 and special guest performance by Hanson. I think we had all the Eiffel 65 fans directly behind us decked out in all blue with 65 painted on their faces. That is what I call dedication. During Hanson's performance a bunch of girls swooned over them! After Hanson we were watching the jumbo tron since the wassssuuuuup commercial was on, and then 2gether was on the Jumbo Tron! There were a lot of girls screaming for them while they acted out their skit which involved JoJo and Producer Tony trying to make it into the band 2gether! After that skit, there was a chorus of loud screams erupting from level 2 very close by me. Noah Bastian and Alex Solowitz were sitting in the stands and they were being attacked like ants attack food. I had never seen so many girls in the same place, it was as if there was a magnet pulling them all over there! Noah and Alex handled them very nicely being polite and friendly like usual. Of course I was not in the section where they were but some girls who were on the floor chose to hop the railing- now why didn't I think of that?

There were many talented performers at the concert. Among them were Goo Goo Dolls, Marc Anthony, Jessica Simpson, Sugar Ray, Lenny Kravitz, Brian Mcknight, Enrique Iglesias, and SISQO! He was quite a highlight. In fact most of the performers were great! Jessica Simpson brought out her special guest Nick Lachey to sing with her the song , "Where You Are." A bunch of girls loved that! The only thing was that Jessica's mic was having feedback problems for her first two songs andi I felt so bad for her, she kept saying, "I'm sorry guys, don't hate me!" Did you know that one of her dancers is her sister? I did not know that until she introduced her. Brian McKnight was also well received when he came out. His hit song was of course, "Back At One". The GooGoo Dolls were fantastic,and while they were singing, Noah Bastian, Alex Solowitz, and Kevin Farley from 2gether made their second appearance out in the stands, this time on the floor, but in the B section where I was not allowed since security was getting tight because 'N SYNC was going to make it's first debut on the stage.

Nearing night, Sugar Ray came out and performed. Mark McGrath was one of the Best Performers of the night! He really got the crowd going. Especially since most of his songs that were sung were already hit singles therefore everyone knew the words. He even grabbed two people from the audience for "audience participation" because, "He needed a break and he was tired." Everyone loved him, he was hilarious! Lenny Kravitz performance might have had potential had he actually sung some of his singles like "American Woman" and his single that is out right now. Instead he sang about 4 songs that no one knew and wanted us to sing to them when we had no clue what the words were. 'N SYNC came out and did there short lived performance joining Lenny in singing "I Wanna Fly Away". That was the extent of the NSYNC performance.

Needless to say, when they came out for what everyone hoped would be their performance of "Bye Bye Bye", they just came out and said it, while a screen came down to show their Music Video. I don't think as many people would be as disappointed but KIIS promoted them like they were going to perform and hyped everyone up for the closing ceremony calling it 'N SYNC's performance. They didn't bother telling us that it was 'N SYNC's performance on the screen. Luckily, I did not go for them, I went for Sisqo, but before we talk about his astounding performance, let me tell you about Enrique's highly controversial one. I think most people loved that he brought a girl up on stage, but I was just disgusted. The girl looked only 16 and he was just being very intimate with her and I was not impressed. He's how old? I think he wanted to rile *is that a word* everyone up. And yes, he caught the attention of everyone.

Another thing that I was not impressed with was the fact that he swore twice. In front of little kids and their parents. None of the other performers thought it would be cool to cuss. But I guess that's just the difference between Enrique and the rest of them. Finally, Sisqo was also one of the much anticipated performers of the nite. In fact, I think his fans might have screamed louder for him, than for 'N SYNC believe it or not. He knew how to get the crowd excited. He sang his songs , "Unleash the Dragon", "Got to Get It", and of course, "How could anyone forget" the Thong Song! Even though 'N SYNC's performance turned out to be a dud, Sisqo and Sugar Ray were quite the performers -- props and kudos go to them! Other spottings were Greg Brady to promote the mini series "Growing Up Brady" and also Ethan Embry from Can't Hardly Wait was there along with many others who were all kept backstage! I must admit I enjoyed myself and just Sisqo and Sugar Ray was worth it!

Do you have a concert experience you'd like us to publish?



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