Taylor, Zac and Isaac



Isaac: Clarke Isaac Hanson, plays guitar and piano
Taylor: Jordan Taylor Hanson, plays keyboards, congos, drums, synthesizer, wurlitzer, piano and tambourine
Zac: Zachary Walker Hanson, plays drums and rythm
born: Isaac: November 17, 1980; Taylor: March 14, 1983; Zac: October 22, 1985
family: parents, Diane and Walker; brothers and sisters, Jessica Grace, Avery Laurel, Joshua Mackenzie and Zoe Genevieve
hobbies: music (duh), art, poetry, cartooning, roller-blading, playing soccer and roller-hockey
nicknames: Isaac or Ike, Taylor or Tay, and Zac or Animal
status: the boys recently revealed at a news conference in Brazil that they're all currently seeing someone. Imagine that!


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"Sitting on the corner of nowhere road, just between I wish I could and I don't know, rains is splashing up between her toes, she doesn't know her own area code." ("Sure About It", This Time Around)

fun hanson facts:

  • Isaac hates being called Clarke
  • the family's dog, Wicket, died earlier this year
  • they have a 6 record contract with Mercury
  • more Hanson facts!

the six record contract with Mercury*:
(clcik on title to purchase)

  • "Middle of Nowhere"
  • "Snowed In"
  • "Live from Albertane"
  • "This Time Around"

(*note: Island Def Jam will release the remaining albums.)

the videos
(click on title to purchase)

  • "Tulsa, Tokyo and the Middle of Nowhere" (1997)
  • "The Road to Albertane" (1998)


projects: (for a full discography)
(click on title to purchase)

  • Boomerang (CD/self-distributed) (1995)
  • MMMBop (CD/self-distributed) (1996)
  • Middle of Nowhere (CD/Mercury) (1997)
  • "Tulsa, Tokyo And The Middle of Nowhere" (Video/Mercury) (1997)
  • Snowed In (CD/Mercury) (1997)
  • 3 Car Garage (CD/Mercury/MOE) (1998)
  • Hanson: Live from Albertane (CD/Island Def Jam)(1998)
  • This Time Around (CD/Island Def Jam) (2000)

the band: Three teenagers from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Clarke Isaac, Jordan Taylor and Zachary Walker.

comments: Three Mmmbopping brothers from Tulsa hit the music scene in 1997 and literally blew the world away. This is the story of the talented Isaac, Taylor and Zac. These three boys have been singing acapella since late 1987. Learing the basics from their parents Diana and Walker, they took their music with them while living in Trinidad, Venezuela and Equador and then finally settling in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their upbringing consisted of listening to 50's and 60's tapes and over time writing over 300 songs between them. The time had come in 1992 when they made their first appearance in the public eye at a local music festival called 'Mayfest'. At this stage the boys were aged 6, 9 and 11. In Septmeber 1994 the boys recorded an independant album funded by their parents called 'Boomerang'. Though acapella was challenging they branched out to instruments in 1995. It was that same year that they met their manager Christopher Sebec in Texas. They met him in June while performing their own songs. Later in September the boys, now teamed with Sebec, released their second independant album called 'Mmmbop'. Their continuous public appearances lead them to the signing with Mercury Records after being rejected by 12 other labels. After signing with Mercury in June 1996 the rest as they say, is history.

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Want to know more about the boys? To know everything about them be sure it's official by checking out their ofiicial book entitled 'Hanson, The Official Book' or even surf on over to their official site.

hanson's email address


  • The Official Hanson Website
  • Hanson.net
  • Tessa's Hanson site
  • Dying to be Alive Campaign Club
  • HansonHITZ.com
  • HansonHouse.com
  • Hanson Artwork
  • Hanson Tech
  • Older Folks Like Hanson
  • Sun Has Fallen
  • International Hanson Street Team
  • A Blessing From Above?
  • Johnny's Support


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