Lucas Black


name: Lucas Black
born: November 29 1982 in Danville, AL
ambition: wants to give up acting and become a professional bass fisherman
hobbies: hunting, sihing, archery

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  • The War (1994) Ebb
  • "American Gothic" (TV series) (1995) Caleb Temple
  • Ghosts of Mississippi (1996) Burt DeLaughter
  • Sling Blade (1996) Frank Wheatley
  • "Chicago Hope" (TV guest appearance) (1997) Dr. Noah Fielding
  • "Flash" (TV) (1998) Connor Strong
  • The X Files (1998) Stevie
  • Crazy in Alabama (1999) Peejoe
  • All the Pretty Horses (2000) Jimmy Blevins

comments: Bass fishing's gain will be our loss. We understand the extremely talented Lucas Black wants to give up acting and focus on a career as a professional bass fisherman. Pity. The boy is good, and he's proven it again and again. Check out his maiden voyage alongside Elijah Wood and Kevin Costner in The War. Or his stint as Caleb on the excellent series Shaun Cassidy produced "American Gothic" (the SciFi channel apparently still airs this cancelled show). Then there is Sling Blade. Currently you can catch him in Crazy in Alabama, and All the Pretty Horses, which will be out later this year. The boy has talent. Don't ya think you could find the time to make a film or two in between fishing gigs, Lucas?


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