Luke Edwards


name: Lucas Daniel Edwards
born: March 24, 1980 in Nevada City, CA
family: sister, Malika
stats: 5' 11"

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  • The Wizard (1989)
  • "I Know My First Name is Steven" (1989) (TV) Steven at age 7
  • "Molloy" (1990) (TV series) Jason
  • "Not of This World" (1991) (TV) Billy Fletcher
  • Guilty By Suspicion (1991)Paulie Merrill
  • "Davis Rules" (1991) (TV series) Charlie Davis
  • Newsies (1992) Les Jacobs
  • Mother's Boys (1993) Kes
  • "The Yarn Princess" (1994) (TV) Daniel Thomas
  • Little Big League (1994) Billy Heywood
  • "The Little Riders" (1996) (TV) Paul Peterson
  • "Undressed" (TV series) (1999) Mark
  • "Cheaters" (TV) (2000)

comments: At age 19 Luke Edwards has already had an impressive career. He's been in several films, including Disney's Newsies, Mother's Boys with Jamie Lee Curtis, and starred in Little Big League. Like many young stars, Luke got his start when his mother took him for acting lessons and was spotted early. One of his first roles was in the compelling TV movie "I Know My First Name is Steven" at age 9 (a movie that also starred a young Stephen Dorff). Luke's latest project is in HBO's "Cheaters".

fave color: blue
fave food: pizza
fave sports: hockey, football, basketball
fave movie: Kentucky Fried Movie


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