Joey Lawrence


name: Joseph Lawrence (Mignogna), Jr.
born: April 20, 1976 in Philadelphia, PA
stats: 5'9" tall, hazel eyes
lives in: Los Angeles, CA
family: Joe and Donna (parents); Andrew and Matthew (brothers)

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    • "Gimme a Break" (TV series) (1983-88) Joey
    • "Wait Till Your Mother Gets Home" (TV) (1983)
    • Summer Rental (1985) Bobby
    • Pulse (1988) David
    • Oliver and Company (1988) Oliver
    • "Chains of Gold" (TV) (1991) Tommy
    • "Blossom" (TV series) (1991-95) Joey
    • "Blossom in Paris" (TV) (1993) Joey
    • "Joey Lawrence" (CD/Impact/MCA) (1993)
    • "Nothin' My Love Can't Fix" (single) (1993)
    • "Stay Forever" (single) (1993)
    • Radioland Murders (1994) Frankie
    • "Prince for a Day" (TV) (1995) Ralph/Rickey
    • A Goofy Movie (1995) Chad
    • "Brotherly Love" (TV series) (1995 - 1997) Joey
    • "Brothers of the Frontier" (TV) (1996) Ethan
    • "Soulmates" (CD/Curb Records) (1997)
    • "Never Change My Mind" (single) (1997)
    • Desperate But Not Serious (1999) Darby
    • "Horse Sense" (TV) (1999) Michael
    • Tequila Body Shots (2000) Johnny Orpheus
    • Urban Legends: The Final Cut (2000) Graham

comments: Ok, so Joey's made a few records and videos, does some concerts, and he's appeared with his brothers on "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"; but his main claim to fame is a cheesy 90's sitcoms. Still, whoa, he is beautiful. Joey started out in the early 80's in a number of TV commercials and had his break in , "Gimme a Break". His biggest role was as the dim-witted younger brother, Joey, in "Blossom". Still he had heart (and whoa! what a bod! Little Joey's been working out). Sure, Joey's acting is simplistic, but he's kind of endearing. And he keeps trying his hand with his music. His second CD, titled "Soulmates" was released earlier this year. What will Joey show up next in? Meanwhile, he must keep busy. Joey and his brothers Matt and Andy are members and supporters of Greenpeace. And Joey's next project is a role in the upcoming Tequila Body Shots. Plus, re-runs of "Brotherly Love" are currently airing on the Disney Channel. "Blossom" is on WGN and the Family Channel (Canadian). We miss you, Joey!

contact: Joey Lawrence c/o Brotherly Love, Walt Disney Television, 500 S Buena Vista, Burbank, CA 91523

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Joey's AOL Interview!

Here's the full text of Joey's online interview from November 96 on AOL:

Joey's AOL Interview


    • Marvelous Matt!
    • Brothers Lawrence
    • Lawrence World
    • Blossom Online
    • ***The Joey Lawrence Fan page***




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