Jeremy Jordan

name: Don Henson
born: September 17, 1973 in Hammond, IN
sign: Virgo
lives in: New York City
education: Lincoln Park Performing Arts High School
family: step-sisters, Nicole, Gina, Grace; step-brother, Tony
car: 1988 black Porche 928 54 Turbo
stats: 5'10", 152 lbs
trivia: he cooks; he loves having a nice conversation over a cup of coffee

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    • "The Right Kind of Love" (music video/top ten pop hit) (1992)
    • "Try My Love" CD (1993)
    • "Wannagirl" (music video) (1993)
    • "Try My Love" (music video) (1993)
    • "Boys Will Be Boys" (TV) (1994)
    • Leaving Las Vegas (1995) College Boy #2
    • Live Nude Girls (1995) Jefferey Greenpeace
    • "Erotic Confessions" (TV guest appearance) (1996) Seth
    • Bio-dome (1996) Trent
    • Skeletons (1996) Aryan Boy
    • "Twisted Desire" (TV) (1996) Nick Ryan
    • Nowhere (1997) Bart
    • Crocodile Tears (1997) Vance
    • Julian Poe (1997)
    • "Gun" (TV guest appearance) (1997) Baggy Pants
    • Young Men Dressed In Silver (1998)
    • "The Storm of the Century" (TV) (1999) Billie Soames
    • Never Been Kissed (1999)
    • "A Girl Named Happiness(Never Been Kissed)" (1999) (single on soundtrack of Never Been Kissed)
    • Dreamers (2000) Dave

comments: The boy is too damn beautiful! Couldn't you just get lost in those big beautiful blue eyes of his? Hot on the scene through a video running on the sizzling (of the time) "Beverly Hills, 90210", sexy Jeremy Jordan wowed us with his erotic (and most-times, shirtless!) dancing, incredible voice, prettyboy looks, and awesome body. He splashed across all the teen rags, hit MTV, went on tour, and even had a write-up in Interview . For that magazine article Jeremy also posed for a photo shoot with famed photographer, Bruce Weber. Said Jeremy of the shoot: "It was a thrill, man. I've never taken photos with my clothes off. I tried doing it once, and my record company wouldn't let me. People just won't let me grow up; they want to keep me as this young thing. People are more into what kind of bubblegum I chew, and what my favorite color is. If you're looked upon as a teen idol, people don't take you seriously. They think of you as an untalented kid who got to where he is on his looks only." We know Jeremy is much much more than than a pretty face! His comments on being asked to be on "Beverly Hills 90210": ""They've asked me to be on the show a couple of times. I said 'F#$!@ no'. My God, it's so phony. Do you believe that shit? (laughs) Who the hell has a Corvette in high school? The only people I know who have a Corvette in high school are the ones that stole 'em. I can't come off like that." Recently, Jeremy had a CD deal with Giant Records fall through, but we hear he's planning a new one soon. Last year he played in the CBS movie "Twisted Desire"; and he played the drug addict boyfriend in Greg Araki's Nowhere. Catch him in the excellent Never Been Kissed, and the upcoming Dreamers. Jeremy is living in New York, where he choses to live. He refuses to move to Los Angeles to conduct his career, even after being offered a free luxury apartment. "I'm not going for that LA stuff where you get lost and locked up in stardom, schmoozing and talking. I can't do that." Hope to see much more of you soon, Jeremy! Wherever you want to turn up!

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the favorites...

fave colors: white and yellow
fave food: hot dogs
fave R&B music: GUY, Stevie Wonder, LOW KEY
fave dog: Bull Dog
fave play: Les Miserables
fave cookie: Oatmeal Raisin
fave TV shows: "Martin", "Dream On"
fave holiday: Thanksgiving
fave song on his album: "Do It To The Music"


Quote of the Month

"I hope all my fans have dreams that come true. Dream positive and something will come of it."



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