Eddie Mills


name: Eddie Mills
December 30, 19??

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    • "X's and O's" (TV) (1994)
    • "Full House" (TV guest appearance) (1994) Arthur
    • "Sliders" (TV guest appearance) (1996) D.E.R.I.C.
    • "Born Into Exhile" (TV) (1997)
    • Heartwood (1998) Frank Burris
    • "Push" (TV series) (1998) Scott Tryston
    • Dancer, Texas Pop. 81 (1998) John
    • "Sabrina Goes to Rome" (TV) (1998) Paul
    • "Clueless" (TV guest appearance) (1998) David
    • "Ally McBeal" (TV guest appearance) (1998) Clinton Gil
    • "The Tempest" (TV) (1998) Frederick
    • "Dawson's Creek" (TV series) (1999) Ty Hicks
    • Spendor Falls (1999)
    • "Wasteland" (TV series) (1999) Vandy

comments: Hunky Eddie Mills latest project is the new series "Wasteland", but the boy has been at it hard for the last few years. Playing Scott in the series "Push" as well as a reoccuring role on "Dawson's Creek" last season, Eddie found time for a few guest shots on the likes of "Clueless" and "Ally McBeal". Catch him if you can in the excellent little film Dancer, Texas, Pop. 81. This one's definitely one to keep an eye on.


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