Joe Scheibelhut


name: Joseph Robert Scheibelhut
born: December 4, 1981
stats: 5'9"/130 lbs; Dark Dishwater Blond hair, hazel (sometimes green) eyes


  • Boys in Black (1996)
  • Revelations (1997)
  • Bloodlines (1998)
  • A:\KILL (1999)
  • Plunge (2000) premiers 9/29

comments: Joe is now 18 and a high school senior. He is a regular member of a local cable program "Assorted Silliness". He will make a cameo appearance in the Fall 1999 thriller A:\KILL. Joe has been busy this year with a video interview for American Teen Video Magazine, photo sessions and working on the short film Plunge. Shooting was completed in March, 2000. Keep an eye on Joe because he's a new up and coming teen actor and model. Check out Joe's Official website for even more details!

fave sports: in-line skating, diving on the swim team, track, wrestling, rapelling
fave activities: camping, fishing, woodworking, restoring old cars
fave colors: green and orange
hobbies: cheerleading, diving, vacationing, working on cars, girls and acting

Latest News!

  • Plunge will have it's world premier on September 29th
  • Joe finished filming Plunge in March
  • Joe will be one of's models for their gear


YMS Exclusive Interviews

  • YMS Exclusive: April 2000
  • Joe in 1999
  • Joe in 1998


  • Planet Joe: The Official Joe Scheilbelhut website
  • The World of Joseph Scheibelhut




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