Skeet Ulrich



name: Bryan Ray Ulrich
born: January 20, 1970 in Concord, NC
trivia: got his nickname, Skeeter, shortened to "Skeet", as a fast runner playing in Little League; biggest nightmare is being labeled the next Keanu Reeves

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  • Boys (1996) Bud Valentine
  • The Craft (1996) Chris
  • Scream (1996) Billy Loomis
  • Last Dance (1996) Billy
  • Albino Alligator (1997) Danny
  • Touch (1997) Juvenal
  • As Good As It Gets (1997) Vincent
  • A Soldier's Sweetheart (1998) Fossie
  • The Newton Boys (1998) Joe Newton
  • Takedown (1999) Kevin Mitnik
  • Chill Factor (1999) Tim Mason
  • Ride With the Devil (2000) Jack Bull Chiles
  • Scream 3 (2000) Billy Loomis
  • Anasazi Moon (2000)

comments: There was a time, not too long ago when Skeet Ulrich was not a household name. We think this is changing, even as you read this! This boy is hot hot hot. With roles in four major films last year, Skeet has burst on the scene. Even though Boys wasn't the hit it could have been (perhaps with a better script?), it's quite a way to begin your career: making out on screen with Winona Ryder! One thing Skeet's proven already, he is an excellent actor! With such diverse roles (from male hustler to a group of witches' boy), Skeet has arrived. He can be seen in Albino Alligator and Touch and As Good As It Gets, all now on video. Look for him in Chill Factor with Cuba Gooding Jr. Quick, soon out on video! You're gonna be seeing a lot more of Skeet in the years to come. He's currently in Scream 3 and Ride with the Devil, check him out!



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