Nathan Watt


name: Nathan Watt
born: October 18, 1983 in Phoenix, AZ
raised: Southern California
stats: brown hair, brown eyes
hobbies: mountain biking, running track, hanging out with friends


  • "Davis Rules" (1991) (TV series) Ben
  • "Harts of the West" (1993) (TV series) John Wayne "Duke" Hart
  • Unstrung Heroes (1995) Steven/Franz Lidz
  • "Stolen Memories: Secrets From the Rose Garden" (1995) (TV) Freddie Everett
  • "Chicago Hope" (1996) (TV guest appearance) Eric Dipretto

comments: Born in Arizona, Nathan moved with his family to Southern California at age 6. There he began his career in movies and television. Nathan has guest starred in such series as "Roseanne" and "Empty Nest". Nathan had the lead role in the excellent Unstrung Heroes, a regular in "Davis Rules" and "Harts of the West". He was nominated for a Young Artists Award for Best Performance in a Drama Series (Guest Starring Young Actor) for his role as a young man with obsessive compulsive disorder on "Chicago Hope".

contact: Nathan Watt, c/o Innovative Artists,1999 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 2850, Los Angeles, CA. 90067-6082

fave color: black
fave book: "Catcher In the Rye"
fave movies: The Rock, all the Back to Future films
fave TV show: The Pretender
fave actor: John Turturro
fave music: blues and reggae
fave food: chocolate chip ice cream


  • Official site




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