Mark Webber


name: Mark Webber
born: Philadelphia, PA

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  • Edge City (1998) Johnny
  • The Rising Place (1999) Will Bacon
  • Jesus' Son (1999) Jack Hotel
  • Whiteboys (1999) Trevor
  • Drive Me Crazy (1999) Dave
  • Snow Day (2000) Hal Brandston
  • Boiler Room (2000)

Mark Webber is one of those true success stories. Originally from Phialdelphia, Mark grew up on the streets. His mother who is still campaigning for the homeless and poor in South Philly, was a single mom with no real means of support. She took on any job that paid, from waitress work to prostitution. They lived in abandoned buildings and beat up cars. A teenage mom, Mark's mother did all she could for her kid, putting him through school and helping him embark on a career as an actor. Mark began that career in high school prodcutions. Indie films and major Hollywood films have followed. Mark's big break came last year with a part in the teen film Drive Me Crazy. His biggest role to date is in the otherwise awful Snow Day, with Chevy Chase and Daniel Stern. Mark has also done some theater work, including "God's Country" with Interact Theater Company and "Waiting For Godot" with the Lantern Theater Company. Mark's background of personal struggle affords him a rich reservoir of experience and emotion to draw on as an actor. We see only good things happening to this talented young actor. He's also a real hottie, isn't he? Mark is currently starring in an off Broadway play, David Mamet's American Buffalo alongside William H Macey and Philip Barker Hall. He's getting rave reviews, too. Look for Mark next in the Ben Affleck film Boiler Room.

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Latest News:

  • Mark has been signed to appear in Welcome to the Dollhouse director Todd Solodnz's next yet-unamed film about a group of teens working their way through high school and college. The film also stars Dollhouse's Heather Matarazzo, Slema Blair and James Van Der Beek. Shooting starts around the end of July.



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