Pat Mastroianni


name: Pat Mastroianni
born: December 22, 1971 in Canada
height: 5'7"
lives in: Los Angeles, CA

film projects:

  • "Degrassi Junior High" (1986 - 1989) (TV series) Joey Jeremiah
  • "School's Out" (1991) (TV) Joey Jeremiah
  • "Degrassi Talks" (1992) (TV series) Himself
  • "The Counterfeit Contessa" (1994) (TV) Carlos
  • "Liberty Street" (1994) (TV series) Frank
  • "Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal" (1996) (TV guest appearance) Luis Sanchez
  • "Once a Thief" (1998) (TV guest appearance) Maurice
  • Godzilla (1998) Apache Pilot #3

comments: Remeber the excellent Canadian series from the 80's about life at Degrassi Junior High? Remember the cute and mischievous Joey? That's Pat. Boy did he have that role down pat. He was good and the series was a winner. But life moves on, and apparently poor Pat got type cast. He hasn't done much since. (We can't count a small part in Godzilla as doing anything, now can we?) As happens to some guys, Pat seems to have lost some of his hair at a fairly early age. But that's ok, Pat, we still like you. We'd love to see what else you can do. There was so much promise there.

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