May 2000:

Another featured film we think you might want to see!

This month, it's Josh, Leelee and Chris in:

Here on Earth




Here on Earth (2000)
Directed by Mark Piznarski

cast :

Chris Klein .... Kelley
Leelee Sobieski .... Samantha
Josh Hartnett .... Jasper
Michael Rooker .... Michael Arnold
Annie Corley .... Betsy Arnold
Bruce Greenwood .... Earl Cavanaugh
Annette O'Toole .... Jo Cavanaugh
Elaine Hendrix .... Jennifer Cavanaugh
Stuart Wilson .... John Morse
Ronni Saxon .... Robin Arnold
Maureen O'Malley .... Patty
Tac Fitzgerald .... Pete
Jessica Stier .... Vanessa
Erik Kristofer .... Charlie
Zach Fehst .... Steve

Written by Michael Seitzman
Rated PG-13
Here on Earth (2000) reviewed by Christopher Dellea

Young love is examined in the heartbreaking yet cliche Here On Earth. Super hot and sexy Chris Klein, beautiful LeeLee Sobieski and puppy dog eyed Josh Harnett star in the film.

Klein plays Kelley, an arrogant and self-centered rich boy, who falls in love with Samantha (Sobieski) after he is court ordered to rebuild a New England diner he had destroyed.

Due to a car race with local boy Jasper (Hartnett), Kelley also has to live with Jasper. Jasper is Kelley's total opposite. Caring and sweet, he has been Samantha's best friend and lover. He would do anything for her.

It is from here on in where Kelley takes a fond interest in Samantha. It is not only her beauty he is after, but her personality. They share the same liking of poet Robert Frost and wonder what it would be like if they were the only ones on the earth together.




As Samantha's character developed, my liking for her decreased. Jasper has done nothing but love her and her fooling around with Kelley is the thanks he gets. I felt she was being insensitive. Prepping for this review I read an interview in Premiere magazine, where Sobieski said,"With love people don't always make the right decisions." I totally disagree with Samantha's decision.

You can feel Jasper's hurt and sorrow about the whole situation. Josh Hartnett plays lonely and depressed very well. He has these eyes that always look like they are going to burst out into tears. Sobieski resembles a young Helen Hunt. She is going to be a very successful in her future career. Her line delivery was crisp and she played the part well.



It might be the fact so many parts are written like this all the time. It gets annoying to see girls, who are sick or their boyfriends, and get interested in the next best thing.

Eye candy comes in the form of Chris Klein. The "Election" and "American Pie" stud runs shirtless through many scenes, revealing his perfect body. Boys and girls, I must add, in one scene he is in only a towel!!! That definatley kept my interest piqued.

But this movie made me very upset and disappointed. It is time for Hollywood to stop the girl gets tired of boyfriend, meets new guy, gets horrible news about her health routine.

It's getting real old real fast.

I gave Here On Earth two stars, wait for the video.


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