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Hey gang. I am back for another exciting round of reviews....

This time I am going to do something totally different. I am going to review three albums that have no similarity at all. I have not run out of ideas. I will be back with a group of three albums from the same genre. Until then may I present you with the Pokemon soundtrack, Blink 182's Enema of the State and the Music of My Heart soundtrack.


Music from and Inspired by
the Original Motion Picture
Pokemon: The First Movie
various artists

All right all you pop fans, this album is for you. Packed with such bubble gum favorites as Britney Spear's "Soda Pop" and the hit song "Don't Say You Love Me" by M2M, Pokemon delivers a punch that will blow you away.

What I love most about this album is many of the songs have the feeling of one acutally being in a video game. It is too cool. You think you are listening to Mario Bros or another Nintendo game. Go figure... Nintendo manufactures Pokemon!!!

Oh yeah, for all you 'N SYNC fans who can't wait for the March 21st release of "No Strings Attached" there is a ballad to fill your needs. "Somewhere Somehow" is a wonderful song of yearning and love. JC and Justin's vocalization is superb and the music is beautifully orchestrated. This album also brings the solo efforts of Baby Spice, aka Emma Button, on "(Hey You) Free Up Your Mind". I always love songs you can dance to and this is one of them.

Backstreet Boys fans will be happy to know Nick Carter's younger brother, Aaron shows up with the track, "(Have Some Fun) With the Funk". Aaron lets everyone know he is not just Nick's kid brother by displaying awesome vocals for 12 years old.

Hmmm Backstreet, the next generation???

Grade: A-


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Enema of the State
Blink 182

Had to do this review because these guys appear in the Hear Now column thanks to the graphics designers at YMS. Warning to all you kiddos... Make sure it is alright to buy this if you are under 17 because it is chocked full of sex talk and I don't want mommy or daddy to hunt me down and kill me because I recommended this album to you.

On this album by the guys who aren't afraid to run around naked, you get both top fourty hits, "What's My Age Again" and "All the Small Things". Here's another warning... If you aren't willing to rock out, then this album may not be for you. It is one heavy guitar strum after another. I am glad they enclosed lyrics so I could understand what these guys were singing about. And it is so perverted yet so hilarious. I recommend this to everyone. Just make sure your rents didn't hear me say that.

(Note: this album is also available in an edited version. The original carries a parental warning notice, as some material may be unsuitable for sensitive ears.)

Grade: B+




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Music of the Heart
Original Motion Picture Sountrack
various artists

Jennifer Lopez...Julio Inglesias JR...C-Note...Gloria Estefan...Yes, the Latin music beat continues on in this soundtrack to the film starring Meryl Streep, Angela Bassett and Estefan.

"Baila" by Lopez makes you wanna get up and dance, dance, dance. And it is no suprise "Baila" means dance in Spanish. The reason the soundtrack has an urban feel has to do with the movie itself. Streep plays a violinist, who accepts a job in New York City, teaching underpriviledged students. These poor students have to deal with violence everyday and many of them would listen to the music on this album.

You will even learn to respect the ending track, a symphony by Bach: beautiful classical music that soothes the soul.

Grade: B+





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