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Richard Neville

August 23, 1979 in Birmingham, England
lives in: Camberley, Surrey, England
sign: Virgo
stats: 5'9", brown hair/blue eyes
nicknames: Rich, Ritchie, Posh
childhood hero: Eddie Vadder
role in Five: smiling boy next door
been singing since: came out of his mother's womb

fave shampoo: pantene
fave underwear: Calvin Klein
fave smell: strawberries
fave perfume: Jean Paul Gaultier
fave insult: "Go away, you cretin."

tasty tidbit: looks 10 times better in person

before 5: worked at his mom's pub; in a burger van

Latest News:

  • Rich has sold his second home in Dorset, the house he bought when he was dating Billie, and moved back to his bachelor pad in London's trendy Chelsea. The sale price for the Dorset digs was a equally trendy £350,000.


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Rich Facts:

  • Rich snores
  • Rich is the slob of the group
  • Rich loves shopping, and loves brand names
  • Rich is dyslexic
  • (according to J) Rictchie's feet stink
  • it takes Rich one hour to get ready to go out to a club
  • he describes himself as: soft, open and emotional

5 favorite things:

  • Music
  • Being in the band
  • Friends and family
  • Parties
  • Females

Rich FAQ

Has Rich ever been on a nudist beach?

Yes,but he wasent naked.It was on a school fieldtrip to the South France.He an all his friends were laughing because there were a bunch of old naked people.

Has he ever been in trouble with the police?

When he was ten he and his friends were climbing on the top of the school roof!

What is something about him no one else knows?

He often thinks hes a loon.He talks to himself,walks past a mirror,and laughs with himself,and carries on talking.

Will Rich ever be an actor,whats his expierence?

He did alot of acting in school,he played Romeo,and other roles.

What film would he like to do?

A love epic like Titanic.

Would he ever do a nude scene?

NO.Cause his mom may see it!

What does he prefer,bath or shower?

He likes both.Sometimes hell take both.

What is his fav. cartoon?

Dungeons and Dragons

Can he play an istrument?


Who was the last person he phoned?

His mum

Whats his fav. fast food resturant?

Kentucky Fried chicken

What is he afraid of?



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