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the story: So you wonder how 98 degrees ever got together? Well listen up! Jeff was the original man who came up with the idea to start an R&B group, a former bandmate then reccommended Nick. Nick then brought in Justin. The four became an R&B group, but then the fourth decided to quit, so Nick called Drew to join the band. They got their first gig at a nathional game by singing in the corporate office's lobby. They then snuck backstage at a Boyz II Men concert, and performed in front of them. They liked them so much they decided to sign them to their label, Motown. Did you know that before they were 98 degrees they were "Just US"!?

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  • 98 degrees (CD) (1997)
  • 98 degrees and rising (CD) (1998)
  • This Christmas (CD) (1999)
  • Revelation (CD) (2000) out 9/26

Songlist for the new CD: Revelation

  • Give me just one night (Una Noche)
  • The way you want me
  • Stay the night
  • Yesterday's letter
  • He'll never be (what I used to be to you)
  • Interlude
  • My everything
  • You should be mine
  • You don't know
  • Dizzy
  • The way you do
  • Always you and I
  • Never giving up

Latest Appearances and scheduled events:

  • Sep 25: Rosie O'Donnell Show appearance
  • Sep 25: MTV's Listening Partyand chat at MTV.com
  • Sep 26: TRL appearance on MTV (3 PM)
  • Sep 26: release date of the 4th LP, Revelation; look for 3 different versions of the new album to be released: at Target, K-Mart and Walmart, all containing a different bonus tracks
  • Sep 26: at all Walmarts you can see a special live concert via satellite starting at 8 PM
  • Sep 26: the guys will be signing autographs in NYC's Times Square Virgin Megastore
  • Sep 27: Nickelodeon Chat, 8:30 PM
  • Sep 29: CNN Rooftop appearance
  • Sep 29: MSN Chat, 9 PM
    Sep 30: Mall of the America's Musicland, a three song set and autograph signing
  • Oct 5: Tonight Show with Jay Leno appearance (11:30 PM)
  • Oct 7: Disney Concert Special
  • Oct 9: appearance on "The View" on ABC (CLL)
  • Nov 22: appearance on NBC's "Today Show"

98* : the fan reviews
Read Lindi's encounter at the 9/22/00 "Good Morning America" appearance!

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  • Revelation clips available: the Japanese Universal site has clips of all the songs on the album! You'll need Real Player to download and listen to them. The clips are also available on the Official 98* site.
  • "Una Noche" is out in stores and features a Spanish version also
  • The guys are on the cover of October's YM magazine, with a cool double-sided poster inside
  • 98* recorded a prayer that will appear on the Pope's "World Voice 2000" CD, released in October. Other artisit appearing on the CD: 'N SYNC and Britney Spears
  • Richard Marx co-wrote "The Only Thing That Matters" with Nick; it appears on the import version of Revelation
  • "Una Noche" moved up to #26 on Billboard's Top 100 singles this week
  • "Una Noche" was number 29 on TRL's end of summer countdown
  • the guys are in the October issue of Teen People
  • The guys performed "Una Noche" and "The way you want me to" on the Miss Teen USA Pagent
  • Opening act for the 2001 98 degrees tour is rumored to be Jive artist Don Philip.
  • "The Hardest Thing" is featured on the upcoming TRL CD.
  • "Una Noche" topped Britney's "Oops, I Did It Again" on the Top 40 Mainstream Radio most added single ever by 15 adds; it debuted at #51 on Billboard's Top 100 chart, and recently climbed to #34. The song also debuted on major radio stations playlists as top song of the day worldwide.
  • The guys are on the cover of the September Teen People. Inside, the magazine reveals that Jeff, Nick and Drew all have girlfriends
  • Recently on TRL, the guys revealed: Drew will have more solos on Revelation; Nick raps on a song called "Dizzy"; the album will be more up tempo; the guys wrote 10 of the 12 songs; and rumor has it Drew yodels. Make sure to vote for "Una Noche on TRL and your local radio station. The latest chat with the guys on fox.com revealed there was no collaboration on the new album with any other artists. It's all 98*!
  • Billboard Online reports that 98* will start their next tour in mid-January 2001
  • The Inside TRL video is now out. The video features 98* performances from past TRL appearances.
  • At the VH1 concert featuring 98*, the guys sang "Because of You" and "The Hardest Thing" and all contributed to "Lean on Me" at the end of the show.
  • Download the 98* ticker that tells you how many days left until Revelation is released.
  • Check the official site for new photos and a brand new message board
  • 98* were up for Best Group on the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards (aired April 15 on Nick). They were beat out by BSB. The group appeared on the award show as presenters; and Nick and Jessica performed "Where You Are".
  • 98* were part of YM magazine's "50 Most Beautiful Men" issue (April 2000)
  • 98* and rising officially sold 4 million units (1/27/00)!
  • Drew is dating Lea Dellecave, a 98* choreographer. The two have been dating since sometime in 1997.
  • 98* is going to be making an appearing in Notorious BIG's new video directed by Puff Daddy (according to MTV). Also according to an MTV interview with Jeff Timmons, the guys' next album will me much more muture. "You're going to see us grow vocally as well as musically," said Jeff.
  • Nick is dating Jessica Simpson; "Where You Are" a duet will be released as Jessica's next single with a video rotation on MTV
  • MTV's 2 Large Party revealed: 98* had 5 videos in the Top 99 for 1999: "The Hardest Thing", "I Do", "Thank God I Found You", "Because of You" and "This Gift"; they also performed "This Gift", "Do You Wanna Dance" and "Superstition"

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books on 98*:
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  • 98 Degrees: The Official Book by K. M. Squires
  • Ninety Eight Degrees by Lisa Dengen and Deborah Law


the guys: 98 degrees are: Justin Jeffre, Jeff Timmons, Drew and Nick Lachey


contact: 98* Worldwide Fan Club, P.O. Box 3137, Cincinnati, OH 45231

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  • The Official Site
  • 98* - Hot and Steamy
  • 98* Centre
  • Singapore 98*
  • 98* and Rising
  • Crazy4Drew




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