the boys: Formed three years ago, LFO is: Rich Cronin, Brad Fischetti and Devin Lima. Brad and Rich met in Orlando, FL in 1996, adding Devin in 1998. Rich is from Boston and did talent shows while growing up. He headed to Bridgewater State College, after graduating from high school, and studied advertising. Rich is singer/producer/songwriter. Brad was born in New York and raised in Queens and Mahwah, New Jersey. He went to the University of Texas for a brief time and did some modeling. His older brother encouraged Brad to move east and continue pursuing modeling and singing. Devin, who is also from Boston, first started out in a harmony group, Natural High. He adds the rich and smooth vocal talents to LFO. LFO stands for "Lyte Funky Ones".

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    • LFO (CD) (1999)




name: Bradley David Fischetti
born: September 11, 1975
sign: Virgo
stats: brown hair, brown eyes
stats: 6'3" 185 lbs, brown/brown
family: parents, Richard and Sue; brothers, Ricky, Michael, Bobby
hobbies: baseball, basketball, modeling, singing
school: Mahwah HS, attended UT Dallas
status: single
piercings: 4 in his ear
pets: Jingles (black cat); Dumpster Butt (an albino rabbit)
fave food: chocolate ice cream
fave drink: water
first CD: The Who
first concert: R Kelly
name: Rich Burton Cronin
born: August 30, 1974
birthplace: Boston, MA
sign: Virgo
stats: 6'3", 183 lbs, blond hair, green eyes
family: parents, Richard and Doris, siblings, Michael, Cassie
fave color: green
hobbies: basketball, spending time with his family
school: Sacred Heart HS; Bridgewater State College (advertising)
status: single (?)
tattoos: leprechaun on his leg
fave food: pizza, meatball sandwich
fave drink: Mountain Dew
first CD: Men at Work
first concert: Bel Biv Devoe
name: Harold "Devin" Lima
born: March 18, 1977
birthplace: New Bedford, MA
family: parents, Louis and Filomena; brothers, Derek (20), Nick (15)
sign: Pisces
stats: 5'11", 175 lbs, brown/green
tattoos: cross, dragon
hobbies: drawing, fitness
status: dating Jennifer Love Hewitt
sign: Pisces
fave food: chicken
fave drink: skim milk, water
fave color: green
fave movie: Braveheart
first CD: Jodeci
first concert: Color Me Bad
instruments: piano


    • People reports that Rich is dating that girl about town, Jennifer Love Hewitt, who apepars in the LFO video, "Girl on TV"; you may recall that Jennifer has been paired with, let's see if we can keep this straight, Carson Daly, Wilmer Valderrama, and now Rich. Busy girl.
    • Brad managed a McDonalds when he was 17
    • Rich used to deliver pizza
    • Devin's favorite animal is a cheetah
    • Brad's favorite animal is a cat
    • Devin doesn't like ice cream (too much fat!)
    • Devin fancies the lead singer for Destiny's Child
    • Devin made his first ever trip to England last month (of the experience: he says he loves girls with English accents)


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