Dave Moffatt


name: David Micheal William Moffatt
nickname: Dave or Big D (because he was the biggest of the triplets at birth)
born: Vancouver, B.C., Canada, March 8th, 1984
family: Youngest of the triplets (Clint and Bob)
trivia: His favorite day of the week is Tuesday, for unknown and unknowable reasons.  More to the point, his goal is to become an accomplished keyboard player. His idol is Paul McCartney which might explain why this Beatle fan's fave song is "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" Breaking with the grand Moffatt Food Tradition, Dave like Chinese and fruit punch. He is named after his god-father who played hockey for the Vancouver Canucks

More? His greatest experience was deep sea fishing in Florida, so if you want to catch this one, you better love the ocean!  Dave started the whole Moffatt thing off  when walked up on stage at his mother's beauty pagent and sang "Somewhere Out There" from An American Tale when he was 3! With this jump started career and three albums in the bag already, he really started something big!

Even More: Dave loves to paint, and he thinks it'd be cool to have a girlfriend who also loves to paint. It's a known fact that he snores very loudly (Bob claims he could even wake the entire bus during a tour!). Dave is the most talkative and most crazy of the brothers (although he leaves the talking to the other three during interviews). Dave has a brown belt in karate. He took swimming lessons when he was small. And he also played baseball and took piano lessons at a young age. Dave's favorite animal is the dog.

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