Scott Moffatt


name: Scott Andrew Moffatt
nickname: Elvis
born: Whitehorse. Yukon Territories, Canada, March 30th, 1983
family: Oldest of the four brothers
height: 1.67 m
weight: 59 kg
fave pastime: Collecting cards and golf
fave groups: Nirvana, Metallica, White lion, Bush and Silverchair
fave album: Nevermind-Nirvana
fave song: "One Man Army" by Our Lady Peace
fave show: Baywatch
fave movie: Jurassic Park
fave actor: Eddie Murphy
fave car: Custom made dodge Ram Truck
fave sport: Football
fave team: Tennesse Titans
fave city: New York
fave state: California
fave author: Micheal Crichton

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Latest News:

  • The Moffatts hosted the Canadian Junos on Sunday March 12th, also performing "Misery"
  • Scott recently cut his long hair; and those bangs are gone too.
  • On the latest YTV Hit List Special Scott was sporting his newly dyed purple hair
  • The boys have confirmed it: there will be NO Moffatt movie
  • They also confirmed: they are NOT singing on Scooby-doo
  • September 1999: the boys won Best Canadian Group at the Much Music Awards

trivia: Scott dyed his hair to look like his idol, Gavin Rossdale. Scott's hardest experience was falling on stage in front of 8,000 people. (Whoops!)  His favorite colors are black and dark green. If you are having Scott over for dinner, you'd best be prepared to serve up Mexican food or steak, washing it down with water and a squeeze of lime -- and study up on the Atlanta Braves and the Dallas Cowboys cuz Scott is a fan. Planning on snuggling with Scott on the couch with a video or two?  Make it Scream or 12 Monkeys or anything with Neve Campbell or Robert DeNiro.

comments: Born in Canada, raised in Nashville, currently spending a lot of time performing and recording in Europe, popping up in Japan, Scott and his brothers (The Moffatts) are well on the way to conquering the world!  Moving from their roots in country music, Scott has helped shape the group's new sound with favorite influences, like Nirvana, The Beatles, White Lion, and, yes, maybe a little Garth Brooks.  An accomplished singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Scott is also a budding international heart throb, with a recent Bravo magazine photo story based on Scott falling in love.  With his face splashed all over magazines on three continents, we predict a bright future for this talented country boy!

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