Ricky G


Ricky Felix Godinez

born: December 2, 1980 in San Bernadino, CA
lives in: Los Angeles, CA
nicknames: Jade, Ric, Ricky
5'9", brown hair, green eyes
family: parents, Alex and Debbie; brother, Hondo
pets: a potbellied pig, Moe (Kitty drownbed in the pool); a cat named Raina
hobbies: choreographing and writing songs, playing video games
loves: yoga, astrology, and reading books on psychology
habits: constantly fidgeting and moving
drives: a BMW 3255
underwear: Calvins

fave color:
fave food:
fave drink: Sprite
fave groups: Madonna, Micheal Jackson, Babyface, Stevie Wonder, No Doubt, Toni Braxton
best friends: Lee, Jacob and Louis
fave place: Hawaii
fave actor/actress: Tom Cruise/Uma Thurman
fave TV show: "Simpsons", "Friends"
fave movies: "Truth or Dare", "Babe", "Spaceballs"
fave holiday: Christmas
most influential person: his mom, because "she's extremely strong physically and mentally."
greatest aspiration: "to become a legend".
first job: a dance video for another artist
trivia: in the beginning of Austin Powers, Ric is the guy dancing around in the bright orange suit; he thinks London was the loudest show they ever did; Ricky has worked with Paula Abdul and Debbie Allen
likes girls: with "pretty eyes, fair skin and a nice personality"

No Authority? Ric came up with the name because "We paly by our own rules; we're in control."
if not in NA?: a monk
best thing about NA: the girls (he would date a fan, send pictures!)
Eric on Ric: "His energy level is sky high. Sometimes we say Ricky calm down. He brings so much energy to this band."
the guys on Ric: he has to have the last word

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In 5 Words

Dynamic, Human, Lucid, Ambitious, Loving

Tour Dates: The Fall Tour

a moment from the tour: Once at a hotel, the other guys locked him out of the room in his underwear, then called hotel security to tell them that a naked man was running around the halls.

They have had to stop in the middle of shows because the fans went a little crazy.

Latest News:

  • Eric recently dyed Ricky's hair blond

Quote of the Month: "I really loathe being at home and doing nothing. I'd much rather perform and meet fans than sit around all day"


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